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What is Happening in the Library


Welcome to Putnam City North High School. We are glad to have you!

We are the librarians Beth Whipple and Kristin Battaliou and we are here to help you.

The library is open 7:30-3:30pm Mon- Fri and Wednesdays 8:15-3:30pm.

There are 2 librarians in this school no secretary so we do have to tag team to help out.

We are available to meet with you during plan or PLC time just email or stop by anytime.

If you check out our website you can see all we have to offer, it includes our calendar if you want to sign up for the library please do so asap as we tend to fill up rather quickly.

We have 39 PCs and 2 Imacs for student use and we have a macbook laptop cart to checkout for classes as well.

We will provide you with 3 passes laminated with dry erase marker. We allow 3 students per class to come in on passes. We will send the passes back to you at the end of the hour. If you loose your passes please let us know.

Students can check out 3 books at a time unless they have a fine or overdue book- they must take care of that first before checking out books. (This includes fines from middle schools).

We do help with the copiers when we have time. If a copier jams please let us know so we can fix it or call in to have someone come out and fix it.


What do we have?

We have books (of course)!

Videos (VCR and DVDs)- we have so many that we don't have a list so ask and we will be glad to look.

We have laptops, projectors, elmos, carts, dvd/vcr players, speakers, and a few ancient tvs available for you to check out. (first come first serve)

We have databases that you or students can use look on our webpage

If you need anything special- dvd, book or other resources let us know if we don't have it we might be able to get it though another school or order it ( with at least a month notice).

Also librarians!- We are here as a resource for you and the students! We can teach your classes how to use our databases, easybib, overdrive and many other technology tools include ipad apps.

We also have an ipad cart that we can use to create projects on in the library ( it can't be checked out- but can be used in the library)

Our schools have a Google Apps education account. All students and teachers have a PC account. We do teach every freshman english class how to set up their account and use it so all students should know how if not they can come down and we will be glad to teach them.