By: Zach Ernst

American Revolutions

Who Revolted?

The colonist revolted against british government because they didn't have a representative in parlement. Also they where being taxed by the british government on many goods that where being traded to the colonies. The british government taxed the colonies because they where in debt from the french and indian war that they have fought for the colonist.

How They Revolted

They did many things the lead to the revolution. They revolted using aggression and violence. They took one of the shipments from the british and destroyed it by throwing the tea into the harbor. They went to violence when that didn't change the minds of the british they turned to violence. They attacked the british army with rocks and through them at the soldiers. Eventually it lead to a war between the british and the patriotic colonist who wanted to govern themselves and be represented by themselves.

How Revolutionary was it?

I don't think that this revolution was that revolutionary Because mainly all that happened was the power changed many things where similar to when it was before. The colonist where taxed by the new government that had been made. The big idea for the revolution was they weren't being represented and they wanted to have there own government in the colonies. The colonist wanted to be independent from Britain and the revolution only impacted the US unlike the french where it impacted many areas. For all the blood shed that happened to become separate from Britain there was not very much change mainly just the change in power and self government.

French Revolution

Who Revolted?

Mainly the lower class revolted because they weren't seen as equals. They wanted equality for all the class and everybody was seen as the same. This was mainly because the poor less wealthy people had to pay taxes where the wealthy rich people didn't have to pay taxes the were excused from taxes.

How they Revolted

They revolted with a lot of violence. There was a lot of violence between the king and his army and the class that had brought up the revolution. During this time there where people getting beheaded. This was a very brutal war many people died for not a lot of change. the revolution ended with the king of france being beheaded.

How revolutionary was this war?

This war wasn't that revolutionary for how many people died. The war had more changes than the american revolution but it also had a lot more deaths. With how many deaths that happened I don't think that it was worth that much to fix all the problems. If there was more things that change or less deaths i think that this would of seamed more revolutionary.