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New Year Issue January 2016

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Congratulations to All of the Fall 2015 Doctor of Chiropractic Graduates!

Where We Stand Heading into 2016

2015 was a powerful year for SACA! We managed to work through our bylaws at Leadership Conference. The Specialty Council Committee assigned liaisons to the councils, and our chapters our promoting the important work that the specialty councils do. The momentum from 2015 is certain to propel us into excellence in the coming year.

Our visibility for National Chiropractic Health Month was powerful and apparent. #NCHM2015 and #PainFreeNation received thousands of views based on SACA chapter initiatives.

#MedicareEquality is off to a solid start, and we are only just beginning to leverage our skills to set the wheels in motion for this grassroots effort that affects all of us.

Our NCLC showing 2015 was tremendous. We tracked the new bill sponsorship by school assignment:

NCLC 2016 is shaping up to be powerful again. The chapters are posting their NCLC updates on their Facebook pages with some schools bringing 40 and more students to the conference.

This year the Millennial Think Tank begins talking to recent graduates about how to continue their efforts to shape the chiropractic profession through leadership and involvement with the American Chiropractic Association.

Submitted by Beau Foshee,
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Millennial Think Tank Reponse Deadline 01/26/16

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Words of Wisdom

"If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done anything today."

Dr. Derek Dyer, First SACA Leadership Conference Chair, Spoken at 12th Annual SACA Leadership Conference, Des Moines, IA


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Getting Signatures for the Petition

Remember the #PainFreeNation tables in October? Here's a perfect opportunity to put that model to use in service of our big legislative goals! Let's show how we #SACAUP for #MedicareEquality!

More information can be found here on the ACA website.

Submitted by Dr. Brendan McCann, SACA National Immediate Past-Chair, whose journey to graduation was documented from September 2012 through graduation in December 2015. His blog can be read here.
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The ACA supports student driven leadership on campus by virtue of the SACA Presents Speaker's Program. There are a number of fantastic speakers on the list.

SACA leaders can request specific topics, and the speaker expenses are covered by the ACA program!

How to Request an ACA Speaker

  1. Complete a speaker request form
  2. Email form to your SACA staff liaison, Lori Hall once speaker arrangements have been made.
  3. Promote event at your school.
  4. Order SACA supplies from ACA, if needed. Please use the supply order request form enclosed inside your leadership packet.

Recently UBCC hosted a SACA Presents talk featuring Dr. Heidi Henson. The focus was "Chiropractic in a Hospital Setting and Integrative Practice."

Submitted by Beau Foshee,

Get to Know a SACA Member

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Sara "Nikki" Daskal

Following NCLC Nikki was bit hard by the SACA bug, but it wasn't until after leadership she really put things into motion. When homecoming came around she set up her own SACA table (the rest of our board was out of town) and talked to UWS alums, board members and current students about ChiroVoice and PAC. She was able to sign up over 60 people for ChiroVoice and secured some donations for PAC in the few hours she was there.

Nikki has also set up a platform to ensure students are able to lobby in their home district, whether their school is assigned that state/district or not -- allowing not only for greater networking within home states but also integration of schools across the country. The coffee for PAC donations (a $5 donation to PAC will get you a free $4 coffee from the university coffee shop) idea is hers and is a great way for us to get students more involved and understanding what PAC really is. She went to Salem just last month to lobby locally for state level rights in Oregon with the Oregon Delegate and is attempting to set up more state lobbying for those who do not wish to travel to DC or cannot afford it. She also intends to set up small group training sessions for students throughout January to prepare students to talk to Congress.

She inspires me every day to keep making our chapter better and better and I am so appreciative to have her on our board. We have been working closely on NCLC as Leg Rep was my previous position, and the growth and innovation from her is phenomenal. Nikki does SO much with nothing in mind except the good of SACA.

Submitted by Stephanie Halloran

SACA Specialty Councils Committee Co-Chair

University of Western States SACA President

Edited by Beau Foshee, Please nominate a colleague that you think everyone else should know.

SACA Chapters Doing Notable Work

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Northwestern Health Science University

November was a great month for SACA at Northwestern!

The Northwestern Executive Board is really making strong headway on their #MedicareEquality campaign. They had 120 people sign the petition over lunch, posted flyers about the petition, got an email in to faculty and staff, and then placed flyers in the mailboxes of the faculty and staff as a reminder to sign!

The NWHSU SACA chapter just hosted a week of SACA in November.
Monday - NCLC information session
Tuesday - NCLC signups at lunch
Wednesday - co-sponsored a Medicare basics talk
Thursday - NCLC signups at lunch
Friday - event on the importance of joining state chiropractic organizations

They had a number of fundraisers including a chili cook-off and a craft fair with a wide variety of vendors. They are working hard to get the funds together for NCLC with a maximum number of 50 students attending.

From a purely personal perspective, I feel honored to be a member of this chapter. Becky Jergenson and her team really make things happen on our campus. My home chapter works hard to elevate SACA to a premier status among campus groups and is currently seeking ways to strengthen the work of SACA Specialty Councils and student involvement.

Submitted by Beau Foshee,

SACA (Student ACA) Inspiration

You Can Be a SACA Membership Video Star!

It's that time again! SACA SELFIE VIDEOS ARE BACK! This time around we are featuring NCLC and are shooting to have this finished before the end of the year! The more people who respond with videos the better! The first video was incredibly successful and this one is sure to be as well! Looking forward to this project! Please answer the following questions with your selfie video!

1. Why is advocacy critical to our profession?
2. What did you learn during NCLC in the past
3. How has NCLC Changed your view of the chiropractic profession
4. How have your experiences at NCLC changed your daily/weekly/monthly interactions from an advocacy standpoint?
5. What is your favorite part about NCLC
6. What would you say to someone thinking of going to NCLC?

1. Use your phone and use the NON SCREEN SIDE VIDEO LENS, you won't be able to see yourself which is fine
2. Shoot your video horizontally!

Email your submissions to

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SACA National Officers

Chair - Deepa Gulrajani, New York Chiropractic College

Vice-Chair - Heather Hastings, National University of Health Sciences Florida

Legislative Chair - Michael Brucks, Cleveland Chiropractic College

Legislative Vice-Chair - Jonathan Parham, Palmer West College of Chiropractic

Immediate Past Chair - Brendan McCann, New York Chiropractic College

SACA National Communications Committee

Chair - Jackie Hernandez, Texas Chiropractic College

Vice-Chair - Shannon Kirkwood, New York Chiropractic College

Website - Brendan McCann, New York Chiropractic College

News/Blog - Beau Foshee, Northwestern Health Sciences University

F4CP Liaison - Annabelle Mac Auley, Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida

Beau Foshee, Editor

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