The Night Owls Team Newsletter

November 2014

Amy Derkowski

Enrolled ~ June 2012

Senior Consultant ~ Sept. 2012

Director ~ March 2013

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Hello Night Owls!

Get ready for our busiest season! What are YOU doing to make sure you earn YOUR BIGGEST COMMISSION check of the year? I suggest you overbook yourself as much as possible! By this I mean you could schedule 2 - 3 parties in one day, schedule holiday open houses to occur over a 2 day period so more people can attend, invite 12 ladies to be Turkey Trotters, Penguin Waddlers, Reindeer Runners or Snowman Shufflers!

Remember, a busy holiday season means contact with more potential hostess for the winter months, so keep on booking and keep the momentum rolling!


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Team members wanted! Who do yo know that could use some extra cash for the holidays? Invite them to your team today!

The Night Owls Team Facebook Page

A great place to go for updates, encouragement and questions. We love to hear new ideas on how to work our business! Feel free to post any time, I'm sure our team can help you out!

Thirty-One Today

Check TOT daily for important company announcements. *Challenge yourself to visit the training section at least once a week, there are great videos and 31 minute calls. * Be familiar with the Business Updates before each party

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Golden Owl

Rebecca Fredette $4,044

Silver Owl

Shannon Johnston $2,134

Bronze Owl

Mary Maruscak $561

Party Owls $400+

Melissa Simonds $426

Kelly Norris $417

Top Sales

Rebecca Fredette

Enrolled ~ June 2012

Senior Consultant ~ October 2013

Team Stats ~ October 2014

Number on team: 22

Number of parties: 20

Total sales: $10,877

Director's Stats

Number of parties: 1

Numer of recruits: 0

Party Volume: $1,008

Sharing News …..

If you would like to share any news for our announcements section, please contact me by the 1st of the month. I reserve the right to shamelessly steal news from Facebook!

Tip of the month …..

Is your November starting off with a BANG? I hope so! The holiday shopping season is "ON!" What are YOU doing to make the most of it? Choose FIVE Party/Booking ideas from the list I just posted on our team Facebook page, and make it happen! Not only will it help you with your holiday shopping once you get the commission for it, you will have had face time with more women, which will help you with December, January and February.

If you have a fun idea, please share on our team page!

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