HCPSS Closing and Emergency Info

HCPSS Sources for Information

How to Receive Emergency/School Closing and Delay Information

The HCPSS uses the methods listed below to announce school closings and delays. (This list is also provided in the 2013-2014 Student/Parent Handbook, page 38.)


The school system’s website is the first and most complete source of information on school closings and delays.

HCPSS News email and text message alerts

Register at www.hcpssnews.com. Parents who subscribe to this free service can also opt to get news from their child’s school, and will receive the school system’s Weekly News, which provides valuable information on school activities and HCPSS-related information.

For step-by-step instructions on signing up, go to www.hcpss.org/news/newsletter/subscribe.shtml.

HCPSS TV - Cable TV Comcast 95/Verizon 42


Register at https://notifyme.howardcountymd.gov and choose to receive news from the HCPSS.

Local media:

WBAL-TV – Channel 11

WRC-TV – Channel 4

WBAL-AM – 1090 Regional Emergency Broadcast Alert System

WTOP-FM – 103.5 Regional Emergency Broadcast Alert System

HCPSS Information Hotline 410313-6666

Twitter – @hcpss

Please note: The HCPSS does NOT use schools-out.com (which charges for text messages) or e-schoolnews.com.