Homecoming 2k15

Sublette High School

Juniors Win Float Contest

Thursday, October 8th, there was the float parade. Each class worked hard to create a float in just 7 hours. All of the floats were done very well, but the junior class won first place.

Sebastian Morales Won King

Last week, the high school was picking candidates for homecoming king and queen. For king candidates, they decided on Sebastian Morales, Levi Whaler, Jared Garetson, and Gunnar Stapleton. Over the past week, the high school has been voting. We learned Thursday night that Sebastian Morales won king!
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Brianna Perez Won Queen

The candidates for homecoming queen were Brianna Perez, Shaycin Koehn, Kassidy Martin, and Taylor Watson. The high school voted all last week, and Friday night we learned that Brinna Perez won queen!

Syracuse Bulldogs Win Football Game

On Friday, October 9th, there was the homecoming football game against the Syracuse Bulldogs. During the game, our quarterback, Sebastian Morales, tore his ACL. Syracuse won, but Sublette put up a good fight.

Homecoming Dance

The homecoming dance was Friday night, 9-12 pm. The doors closed 30 minutes after the football game ended. Less kids than I expected showed up, but it was still really exciting.