Professional Team Update

Faculty of Arts and Education - December, 2019

Update from the Workplace Learning Team

From all members of the Workplace Learning team, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and get to enjoy a relaxing break. We look forward to another great year in 2020.

NAFEA Conference 2019

Recently, three members of the Charles Sturt University faculties attended the National Association of Field Experience Administrators (NAFEA) Conference held in Toowoomba – Kirrily Welsh, Senior Workplace Learning Officer in FOBJBS; Rachel Fowler, Manager, Workplace Learning Team and Dr Matthew Winslade, Sub-Dean, Workplace Learning, both from the FOAE.

The conference theme this year was ‘Where there’s WIL, there’s a way’ which had a strong focus on students undertaking placements in rural and remote areas. Day one included a number of workshops to allow delegates the opportunity to raise issues and workshop ideas. One of these included exploring risk mitigation and risk management of WIL experiences. Day two and three included a number of sessions presented by keynote speakers, as well as conference presenters. Both Matt and Rachel presented a session at the conference focusing on leadership, common goals and engagement with our stakeholders.

The conference was well attended with over 120 delegates who came from many different Universities across Australia. This conference provided an excellent opportunity for our team at Charles Sturt University to share what we are doing, how we are doing it as well as explore our challenges.

WPL - Communications discipline

This is the first year that subject COM321 Communication Fieldwork has been offered online across all sessions, with a total of 170 placements completed. This subject integrates theory and practice in a professional communication environment, as students relate concepts from their learning to contemporary practice. Students gain insights into issues of personal and professional development and life-long learning in an authentic and professional environment.

WPL - Education discipline

The Early Childhood sector is currently processing placement applications for 201990 along with finalising records and supervision payments for our 201960 students in the online birth to 5 year degree. The on campus students have now completed their placements and the WPL team are finalising records and pay claims. The sector is also excited to welcome a new Course Director, Kelly Tribolet who previously held the position of Workplace Learning Coordinator, and would like to wish retiring Course Director, Celia Hillman, a wonderful retirement.

In the Primary sector this year, all the on campus primary self selections went very smoothly with the system process working at 100% effectiveness which was very pleasing for our team. The new One Drive spreadsheet process that was introduced earlier this year has also worked well with placement status information being easily identifiable for both professional and academic staff teams. Our one challenge for this next year will be learning the requirements for the introduction of the new online and on campus subjects, however, we welcome the challenge!

The Secondary sector has seen a big year with staff changes and leave cover provided to ensure coverage of both online and on campus students to allow ease of placement. This year, there were approximately 450 students placed in the secondary sector.

WPL - Social Work, Human Services & Diversional Therapy disciplines

This discipline team has had a productive year, with lots of fun and laughter. Our achievements to-date include transitioning to a new academic model has seen big changes in the delineation of work between academic and professional staff team members; team work and collaboration to have our data management system, InPlace, fully functioning for our “self placements” has improved our daily processes; the inclusion of the Human Services degree is a work in progress as we continue to refine our process for this new discipline; and we have seen improvements to our website for staff and field educators so that they may more easily access resources.

WPL - Information Studies discipline

The Information Studies discipline team both undertook new tasks for this discipline this year and with the support of other members in our Workplace Learning team, we were able to achieve the impending deadlines. This collaboration across our team has enabled us to review the current procedures and with a view to streamline these providing more efficiencies for 2020. This will be achieved with continued mentoring from other team members.

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Update from the Operations Team

I was lucky enough to return to the University after 7 years and start as the Acting Manager in the FOAE Operations team, with the team retreat been held in the 2nd week of my appointment. There has been a complete change in the administration operation of the university since I was last here and I was very impressed with the cohesiveness and professionalism of the FOAE operations team and the strong focus on customer service for customers both within and external to the university. We had presentations from members of the team on Customer Service, new procedures, looked at the Your Voice survey results and had Nicholas Steepe and Kim Doyle come in and do the Unconscious Bias & inclusivity training. The training was very informative and made us all step back and think about our thoughts and actions. If you have not done this training yet we highly recommend you jump in on a session if you get the chance.

The team has been working on Prizes, SAM's, exclusions and organising events, all while doing the ongoing finance processing for the faculty. We have also planned out the year to come and are looking at as much cross collaboration with the divisions and other faculties as possible from running events to the efficient processing of prizes.

We have also had team members contributing to the CRM project, attending meetings and doing testing. Our CRM representative Nicole Longhurst has been busy completing user testing in the new CRM - Dynamics 360 along with other user testers within the other two faculties. The User testers have focused on Contact Cards amongst many other things. These sessions are important in discovering that all components of the system relating to the item teams are designated to cannot be “broken”. The User tester’s role is to follow a series of instructions in mock “Case Scenarios” to find any potential errors while in the build stage. On these new look Contact cards we will see all relevant information and all interactions with a student from all teams, from the first stages of enrolment thru to the students graduation. Nicole Longhurst, Krystal Gleeson and Marlene Bayliss along with Lachlan Brown have also been heavily involved with the discussions and discovery regarding Student Appeals against Exclusions and also Student Academic Misconduct moving into Dynamics.

We are excited about what will be happening within our team for 2020 as we move to being even more progressive in our approach, which we hope will bring greater cohesiveness and effectiveness in our role within the FOAE and the university.

We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and wish you all only good things for 2020!

Update from the Courses Team

Our Course Team has been actively working to prepare for the busy period ahead, with updating course information across the many areas of CSU to reflect changes to existing courses, and the introduction of new courses/course structures for 2020. Our Course Admin and Course Directors have been working with the GPS team to ensure all course structures are accurately captured in the Graduation Planning System (GPS) to assist our students with correct subject enrolment.

We continue to assist our Course Directors with preparation of Course Documents for submission to the Faculty Courses Committee as part of the 2019-2020 Course Review Process.

Behind the scenes we are giving priority to moving applications for the 202030 session, both through CSU entry and via the UAC White Label pilot. Our student enquiries are busy with new students eager to commence their studies, and continuing students seeking guidance on course related matters.

Members of the team continue to support in the following projects/events: CRM Dynamics (Faculty Reps & Super Users), Confluence (Champions), Orientation - On Campus and Online, Graduation, Course Transfers to Workflow, Admissions enquiry process and NESA Accreditation.

From the Course Team - we wish all our FOAE colleagues a safe and happy holiday season.

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Update from the Subjects Team

201960 End of Session Grading

A huge thank you to all involved in the processing of grades during the 201960 end of session period. The timelines we worked to this session were extremely tight but despite this the faculty still managed to get students who were eligible to graduate included in ceremonies. This was achieved through the very best in teamwork across all areas.


Following the first full roll out of the QUASAR system and discussions during Assessment Committee meetings, Harriet Ridolfo, Sub Dean Learning and Teaching and Lynne Creasy, Manager Subject Administration, are working on developing help documents to assist Schools and Teams with using and interpreting the QUASAR system and reports. Watch this space... we hope to have information available to support the 201990 session.

In the meantime, the following resources may be of assistance:

Course Reviews 2020 - Subject Profiles Reminder

As part of the Faculty course reviews scheduled in 2020, the Subject Team will require all subject profile forms to be completed and submitted to by Friday 28, February 2020. Please ensure the subject profile form contains all information required, including the approvals on page one. If you require assistance, please contact the Team via the email provided above, or via phone 33006.

Subject Team Annual Face To Face Meeting

The Subject Team held their annual face to face meeting in Wagga Wagga on 5 and 6 December. The event was a great opportunity for the Team to all be together on the same campus. It also provided time to focus on learning more about Confluence and Banner and our thanks to Natasha Bailo from DSA who attended our event and provided training for these systems. The Team also reviewed, discussed and collated feedback in relation to the Your Voice Survey results. The ideas and feedback from the Team were collated into a report to faculty management. The Team were also provided with an update from Laura, as the Subject Team representative, regarding the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Change of Grade (COG) workflow projects.

From the Subject Team...thank you for your support throughout 2019 and best wishes for the Festive Season and 2020!

Global Family Day January 1st

Global Family Day is an international day of peace and sharing celebrated every January 1 by the citizens of the world. It aims at uniting and spreading peace by considering and promoting the idea that – Earth is a one Global Family so as to make the world a better place to live for everyone.

Update from the Technical Team

Technical Team – Bathurst Campus:

Symposium Support (14.11.19)

The Bathurst tech team provided technical and venue support to the Analysing Social Media For Better Public Policy one day symposium held at the Honeycomb room in the Engineering building.

This event utilised our technical expertise and equipment for both the presentations and documentation. The newly acquired drape system was used to dress the space, creating a professional environment in which to host academics from across the country.

Inspire Project (19.11.19)

The Inspire Project is a mentoring program run in the two local Catholic schools in Bathurst. Current participants being mentored in digital media came to the TV Studio, planned scheduled and produced a 15minute program to finish of their mentorship training. They took full advantage of the facilities in the venue and created a high quality product that will be shared on their school websites and social media pages.

Future Moves Workshops

On Friday 8 November, the Creative Hub continued its support of the Future Moves program by playing host to over 20 students from Bathurst and Kelso High Schools. The students participated in venue specific exercises to experience the fun and possibility of what going to university could be like.

TV Studio Refresh

The Bathurst TV Studio has been closed for December to have a major floor clean and cleanout for the upcoming year, giving the space a fresh feel for 2020. This also includes a new lighting control system that will utilize the same technologies as in the Ponton theatre, thus furthering our aim to utilize the same software across spaces ensuring ease of use.

30th anniversary cocktail party.

Theatre Technical Officer Karl Shead collaborated with the Office of the Vice Chancellor and delivered staging, special effect lighting, and drapery support of the 30th anniversary event. The night was held in the Engineering building and was a successful evening, and showcase of faculty equipment and skillset.

An entrance Instagram set piece was built for this and the Wagga event, and was set up in Wagga by Technical team member Bec Russell.

Ponton Hire.

The Ponton Theatre hosted another external event, in this case a dance concert, and was a low key showcase for the capabilities of the venue.

Technical Team – Wagga Campus

BCI Course Information Sessions

On November 6th & 7th the Wagga technical team assisted in the presentation of course information sessions for prospective students at the CSU Riverina Playhouse. These sessions consisted of a panel of staff presenting information on our courses and our facilities and then fielding questions from prospective students and their parents.

Future Moves Camp

On November 13th the Wagga technical team conducted a tour of SCCI facilities for a group of 25 Year 9/10 indigenous students that were on campus for a Future Moves Camp. The group were given information about our courses and facilities as well as a practical session in our Television Studio where they enjoyed a hands-on experience what it's like to work in Creative Industries.

CSU Riverina Playhouse

2019 has been a very busy year for the Playhouse with approximately 35 external clients bringing over 8000 in total audiences to our theatre complex. In addition we have also supported 10 weeks of UTE productions and 25 weeks of on –site teaching classes.

New team member.

The Bathurst team sadly farewells Media Technical Officer Bec Russell. However, we welcome our new Media Technical Officer, Kevin Ng, who brings to the role an impressive array of skills, experiences and interests

The Wagga team has also welcomed Damien Moloney, to the position of Technical Specialist Coordinator with Patrick McKenzie moving to the position of Manager, Technical Team as Geoff uses some accrued leave prior to his retirement in mid-2020.

Update from the Administrative Officers to the Heads of School

It has been a busy end to the year for the AO’s with a number of staff movements not only in the AO team but also with academic staff in the schools, with preparation of more to come in the New Year. As per usual the AO’s have been looking after a myriad of tasks

  • Grade checking and QUASAR Moderation and Grade forms all followed up and completed and signed off for 201960
  • Subject Management file for 202030 completed and sent to Subjects Team.
  • Finalising end of year finance issues
  • Assisting with staff relocation (Wagga Campus) from building during air conditioning upgrade.
  • Organising Probationary Review Meetings.
  • Assisting Heads of School with EDRS
  • Preparing for session 202030 - QUASAR and school deadlines
  • Computer upgrades for schools
  • Assisting with School board meetings and preparation of documents and reports
  • School Retreats planning.

There is no doubt this does not cover all that the AO’s have contribute to the schools, but it does give us an overview of how they spend a good part of their time.

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Staff Updates

Laura Bloomfield, Senior Subject Administration Officer, will be taking up a six month secondment with the DSA PEC Team starting in late January 2020.

Julie Hall, Subject Administrative Assistant, has resigned from CSU. We thank Julie for her contributions to the Team and wish her all the best for the future.

Ashleigh Coleman has moved to the Change Management team on a two year secondment, Angela Bennett is current Acting Manager Operations.

Amanda Shoemark returns from maternity leave on January 6. This position will then be a job share arrangement between Amanda and Angela during 2020.

Vanessa Bland has joined the Operations team while Kate Spendier is on secondment with the School of Information Studies as the Administrative Officer to the Head of School.

The Course Team will welcome back Beth O'Shea as a Course Administration Officer in January, following her secondment in the Office of Global Engagement & Partnerships.

Jenny Morrison has commenced a 12 month secondment as the Faculty Research Liaison Officer, through to end December 2020.

We regret to advise that the Course Team have accepted the resignation of Lyndal Gawen, Course Administration Officer, who is leaving CSU to pursue an employment opportunity in the new year. We sincerely thank Lyndal for her many years of service, collegiality and sense of humour. Lyndal's last day is Friday 20 December 2019.

Recruitment actions are currently underway to fill vacancies across our teams with advertising to recommence in mid to late January.

Faculty Office

With the release of the results from the Your Voice survey, discussions are underway in team settings to devise an action plan. The FAM and team managers are meeting next week to consolidate responses and finalise a list of actions to take advantage of the opportunities identified as a result of the survey results discussions.

Faculty staff are participating in a new load planning and tracking process for 202030 to forecast and monitor student intakes. Office of Planning and Analytics chair regular weekly and monthly meetings attended by key stakeholders in the student pipeline. This is an integrated process to align activities and efforts to support institution-wide load targets.

On Thursday the 12th of December we had the honour of being able to watch one of our own staff members Bev Pigott graduate in Bathurst. Bev has graduated from the Graduate Certificate in University Leadership & Management, a course which aims to enhance the capacity of employees to undertake leadership and management roles and responsibilities at Charles Sturt University. The course is suitable for staff members who have the opportunity to lead or manage people, programs or projects. Staff who successfully complete the GCULM program will receive a nationally recognised certificate. The GCULM is a pathway into a number of masters courses within the Faculty of Business.

We would like to take this moment to congratulate Bev on this achievement.

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Professional Leadership Team

Kathleen Parnell, Acting Courses Team Manager

Angela Bennett, Acting Operations Team Manager

Rachel Fowler, Workplace Learning Team Manager

Lynne Creasy, Subjects Team Manager

Patrick McKenzie, Technical Team Manager