Emile Waddell

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Flappers were a "new breed" of young western women who wore short skirt, had bobbed hair, listened to jazz and flaunted for what they considered acceptable behavior.

Aaron Douglas

He was known as the Harlem Renaissance artist whose work best described the "New Negro" philosophy.
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Ford's assembly line

This is Ford's assembly line where you stayed in one place and had one job, and you kept doing it, making several cars a day.
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Coca Cola

Coca Cola was a big hit in the 1920's and everyone enjoyed it. There were many advertisements in the 20's, Coca Cola was just one of them.
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Buster Keaton

He was an American Actor. He was known mainly for his silent films. His trademark was physical comedy with a consistently stoic expression, earning him the nickname "The Great Stone Face."
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Suffragette Protest

Nationalist Women's Party gathered signatures on a petition supporting of the suffrage movement. They would stand in front of the White House and not move until something was done about the problem.