My Summer Break 2015


Beginning Of My Summer

In the beginning of my summer i had baseballl for Elmbrook All Stars. My team had a chance to make it to the little league world series. Before you go to the little league world series you have to win a couple of rounds. My team only made it to the second round. the second found is district. In each round you play 3 game you have to win 2 or more to advance to the next round. In the first round for my team the first game we won 21-10 in the second game we lost to the team who beat us in the district round, the third game we barely won 6-4. In the last game of the first round in was the last inning the 6th inning it was the top of the 6th, we were losing 2-4. When we come in to the 6th my team was down because we were losing, but i was the first one up to bat and the first pitch came in i hit a double, after i hit a double my team went crazy, my coach put in a faster runner for me. Than the next batter was up he hit a single and the guy on second stealed to second because there was 0 out and when he stealed if the catcher throw it to second the guy at home would score but the catcher was smart and didn't throw it.third guy was up he got walked, since he got walked the bases were loaded. Than the 4 guy was up, first pitch strike, second pitch a ball, third pitch he swag at hits the ball we watch it go farther and farther each second 5 seconds later it wads a homerrun to take the lead 6-4. Last guys were up and they all got out. it was the bottom of the 6th inning and our pitcher was doing amazing he only throw like 1 or 2 balls. three hit latter the game is over and we won. After the game we found out that we made it to district. The next week we played for district game, we lost that game 8-6, in the beginning of the game we were up 6-0 but at the fourth inning they came back and scored seven that inning the rest of the game my team couldn't get it together so we lost 8-6.

Middle Of My Summer

Middle Of My Summer

In the middle of my summer after baseball i went to Wisconsin dells. i went with my mom and my two Friends. it was a really great time, we stayed there for 3 nights 4 days. each day we had like a routine. our routine was we woke up in the morning get dressed eat something than go swim than when were done swimming we would go back to the room shower up get dressed go out and eat something than go to the go carts and roller coasters than after the roller coasters we would go across the street and go to the dells fastest go carts, after those we would go back to our hotel and do the game room. My faviotre part was the dells fastest go carts.

End Of My Summer

At the end of my summer i pretty much just hanged out with my friends. What we did was we went to the brewer game, or go swimming, or sometimes we just hanged out and played outside or just hang out inside at watch movies and all of that stuff. When someone ended it was pretty sad because we had to go back to school and we couldn't be able to hang out with our friends.