The 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

By Pro Journalists Duncan Sanford and Gabe Dillman

Should We Be worried?

Of course, we should be worried! This is horrible for the ecosystem and our food system. Also, if you are planning a vacation to the Gulf of Mexico, you probably won't have a good time. The beach is not beautiful because BP uses COR-EXIT. That makes the oil clump up and it collects on the beaches.

How We Approached the Problem

First, we thought we should find the approximate area of the spill. We did this by drawing simple shapes on a map of the spill. We then found the area of each shape and added up all the different areas. Our total area was 442 mi squared. That's a pretty big spill!

Are We Exact?

No, we aren't quite exact. But we are pretty close. Our polygons did not completely cover the map. So that means that it's less than the actual value.
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