Shawn Kemp

By: Trey Goudeau

Life Brief

Shawn Kemp was born in Elkhart, Indiana on November 26, 1969. He grew up here with his sister, Lisa, and his loving mother, Barbara. After elementary and middle school, Shawn attended Concord high school where he made decent grades. After high school he decided to go to the university of Kentucky because of their top notch basketball team. After some time spent in college, Shawn was drafted to play NBA with the Seattle Supersonics. Since then, Kemp has played with a few different teams and has grown into the legend that he his still today.

Background Symbolism

I chose this background for Shawn Kemp because he is a very athletic person, and he is a person of determination and strength. A legend like Shawn Kemp cant just sit on the couch all day eating junk food and other crap, he has to work for his goals and work he does! The towel and water bottle represent Kemp hard work and determination. It says, "Almost immediately Shawn showed the strength, talent, and determination to become a star player." (Bonner page 18)

Pick 3

The first interesting thing that I would choose about Shawn Kemp is the he was considered one of the top 5 best players nationally in his senior year. Second, Kemp made a low score on his SAT which made him ineligible to play basketball for Kentucky as a freshman. Not being able to play for Kentucky made Kemp angry so he left Kentucky. Third, "He was selected 17th in the NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics." (Bonner page 26)


Shawn Kemp is known for being one of the best basketball players of all time. He is a legend of a basketball player and forever will be. He entered the NBA straight out of high school and started his career with the Seattle SuperSonics. His fame and fortune only increased from their when he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he is most known for playing with the SuperSonics. "Shawn Kemp was a basketball legend," (Bonner page 54)


Growing up, Shawn Kemp didn't have many severe struggles, but he did still have some. For example, he didn't have a very good relationship with his father because his parents got divorced. He was raised by a single mother and with his sister. Also, "He had to wear braces on his legs and ankles because he had grown so fast the his bones could not support his weight." (Bonner 18)

Mentor/ Friend

Lisa, Kemps' sister, was a talented basketball player and was the one who kept Kemp motivated and focused on basketball. It says, "Thanks to his sisters' motivation, Shawn Kemp began to take basketball very seriously from a young age." (Bonner page 19)

His sister was his mentor and really good friend. If it were not for her he would have never started playing basketball.


Shawn Kemp has set many records for the SuperSonics and has won many rewards and championships. For example, he blocked ten shots in a single game, which was a all-time record for the SuperSonics. Also, Shawn finished in second place in the slam-dunk competition during the all- star weekend. Last, Kemp was nominated to be a part of the McDonalds all American basketball team in highschool, which consists of the best highschool basketball players in the country.

Hobbies/ Interests

Even though basketball is his main interest, Shawn Kemp also enjoys running. He says that he wants to one day run a marathon. Besides that he mainly focuses primarily on basketball.


I chose a basketball for Shawn Kemp because basketball means everything to him. His whole life is based on basketball. It represents his determination, his strength, and his passion for the sport.
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Friend of Foe?

I think Shawn Kemp is a friend. First because he hasn't done a lot of bad things in his life, Although he did steal some jewelry from his coaches daughter. Second, I think he's a friend because he has donated money to various charities in his life. Third, He's a friend because he led the Seattle SuperSonics to many championships and won many games for them.

Most Like

Shawn Kemp reminds me of Dominique Wilkins. First, They both were very quick and could move around players with speed. Second, they could both dunk extremely well. They were some of the best Dunkers of all time. Third, they both were very acrobatic and high flying players.

Altruist or Egotist

I think that Shawn Kemp is more of an egotist rather than an altruist. First, because he really only cared about himself, he didn't devote his time to helping out other people. Second, he was always playing basketball and trying to imrpove his skills so he never got a chance to help other people.


Shawn Kemp is know for playing Basketball, but many people don't him for the kind of person that he actually is. He is a person who is gifted with natural leadership and he has the ability to inspire people. His strength and determination are what keep him going and has brought him the the position that he is In today. "His inner drive and determination combined to make him a true legend of professional basketball." (Bonner 60)

Known for

Shawn Kemp is know as a basketball legend. He is know as "Reign Man" because of his ability to reign over other players. He is most know for playing with the Seattle SuperSonics for several years. With his amazing skills, he lead the Sonics to win a Lot of games over the several years that he played for them. He later got drafted to play for the Cleveland Calvaliers, but he is most known for playing for the Sonics.