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I am currently reading the book Boost by Kathy Mackel. This book is about a 13 year old girl named Savvy and her crazy basketball experience. So far, the book is very interesting and once I stop reading its hard to put the book down. If your looking for a book that has to do with sports and grabs your attention then you should read Boost by Kathy Mackel.

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About Me

I really enjoy reading as a pastime. When I read it relaxes me and its like I'm watching a movie. When I read I like to read before I go to bed or on road trips.

10 Things About Me as a Reader:


2) Some of my favorite books are the ones that are eventually movies

3) I can't read in the car because it makes me carsick

4) I don't really like scary books

5) I like to read books to my little brother

6) I love to read books in a series

7) I dont like the Harry Potter books

8) Reading relaxes me

9) I like to eat or drink something when I read

10) I like to listen to music when I read

Likes and Interests

1) My 2 favorites genres are historical fiction and fiction

2) I enjoy "People Magazine"

3) I like reading magazine's sometimes better than books

4) I enjoy the Divergent series

5) Some of my favorite authors are Sharon Draper, Veronica Roth, and John Green

A Song that Describes Me as a Reader

A song that describes me as a reader is Somewhere Over the Rainbow because when I read it's like going on an adventure.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD


Two books that I would recommend are:

1) Paper Towns by: John Green

2) Every Day by: David Levithan

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