What we learned

Explain Everything

My favorite project of the semester was the explain everything project because it was short and simple. And it was fairly easy to complete considering that all we had to do was simple math.

Learn To Type

We obviously learned how to type. But, what we also learned where to have our hands while typing. And it was lots of fun to be able to learn how to type a lot faster and to see how far you can get in one semester and compare it to your friends.


When we did our iTrailers I liked how much time we had to do it and that we could do it on any topic in our life. Therefor this was one of my favorite subjects in the semester for technology. I did my iTrailer on my trip to Wisconsin Dells that we do every summer at least once.

Haiku Deck

When we did our Haiku Deck project we did it on what our dream job was when we grew up and that it couldn't be a sport and that it had to be your back-up job if you didn't make it, and due to that factor it made the project a lot more challenging to try to accomplish on time.


When we did our coding unit, it was challenging but was a lot of fun to try to figure out all of the codes for the different levels. And it was also fun to see how easy and hard it is to make game codes for video games. But my favorite part by far was when you could help your friends on the hard coding levels that you already passed.

Career Locker W/ Mrs. VandenBoogaard

The career locker unit was fun to see how well you are at working in groups and how well you work when you are working alone. And you could also see what jobs you would be good at in your future and what jobs you would really like to get as an adult.