By: Madeline Martin

Explore It

Go on an an adventure through the streets of London. Explore the wonders from shopping at Piccadilly Square to Harrods Department stores. The possibilities are endless.


The London Eye is one of the worlds largest ferris wheels. It takes thirty minuets just to travel all around. You can see twenty-five miles in each direction.Clubs are big hits in London. There is a very big variety of night clubs. Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days and are very crowded.The London Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in London. It has three stories that have fish in order of how far back they go. Also experience getting close to sharks. All the activities are waiting for your arrival. So go go go!!!!

The Delicious Arts

After touring around for a few hours or so, go enjoy some amazing food at so of these delicious restaurants.Roka- Windows give passers an amazing look at the food that is being cooked up. Cooked or raw its delicious! If you are looking to get some wine or beer, there is a bar in the basement.Rosa- A yummy appetizing vegan restaurant that serves Crisp Dosas filled with spicy potato masa and coconut chutney.The Dellaunay- Tempting pastries in the windows draw your attention. This restaurant has any breakfast you can possibly think of.

So after sight seeing, go try some delicious food!


The english language came from the Germanic language of the Angulseaxans who came to Great Britain in the fifth century.

Cultural Facts and Arts

For an educational, but fun trip visit some awesome museums, art galleries and more. Here are some top places to go.Did you know, that London ranks as one of the worlds largest cultural centers?The most popular sport in London is football or soccer as we know it. Major competitions are held for it. The Royal Opera House is at Covent Gardens which is home to the Royal Opera and Ballet.So if you are in for some fun learning then head on out. Or just look at Thrills for more sights.

The Wonders of The Landmarks!

In A.D. 43 Roman Empires conquered Great Britain. Historians believe that they made military camps in Thames which is now know as Westminster.Big Ben was built In 1288 but got burned down and had to be rebuilt.The Tower Bridge was built in Thames since it was a big traffic way.


London is cold in the winter and usually around 70 degrees in the summer. And in the winter it doesn't get higher than 38 degrees.