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Get all your mail at your fingertips!

iPad Mail App Badge

Having your email come directly to your iPad will save you lots of time. There's no logging in or having to go online.

The Challenge directions:

To add your school email to your iPad:

1. On your iPad, tap Settings.

2. Tap Mail > Contacts > Calendars.

3. Tap Add Account.

4. Tap Exchange.

5. Enter your complete email address and password then tap NEXT.

6. Enter the Server Information:

7. Enter the Domain: Rowan

8. Enter your username information. (not your entire email address, just the username.)

9. Tap NEXT to verify

It may take a few minutes for you to begin receiving emails. When you complete the above directions, go back to your home page of your iPad and tap the Mail app. Now you can send, receive, and check you email from your iPad!

To get your badge:

Once you do this, send me an email from your iPad and I'll bring you your App Badge. Make sure the "Sent from my iPad" is showing at the bottom of the page before you send!