Room 7 News

Friday September 13, 2013

Junior High Preparedness

Dear Parents or Guardians,
This week Mr Glen and I have decided to split our teaching responsibilities between the two of us. On Wednesday we began switching classess with the sixth graders. I am now teaching language arts and core for the entire sixth grade, while Mr Glenn is teaching them Math. We have decided to do this because we are both teaching to our strengths. Mr Glenn is well know for being a very strong math teacher, while I can blend teaching technology skills with Language Arts. So far things have been going very well. Another compelling reason we have decided to do this is becuase it gets our students ready for Junior high.
Our 5th Graders will continue to do math we me in the afternoons. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to call me at school.

Homework Page

Beginning next week pleas begin to look for a homework page in your students binder. I have decided that we all could use a little help staying organized. Please ask your students to see his or her homework paper, along with their spelling list and math homework for the evening. Also, please not that homework should not take more that one half hour each night, not including reading for a half of an hour. Also, please know that students are expected to read independently for one half hour each night. I will be tracking their progress through their AR goals.