Church problems or nah?

Leticia Cantera

1st passage

When you think about church you would think that money isn't the most important thing but in the Catholic church it's became like everything to them. But that's not really the case here. Money has basically became everything for the church. For example, the indulgences that were being sold. That is definitely not "the ticket to heaven." The actual ticket to heaven you pretty much get from Christ alone. Or another big problem I have with the church is that the pope has way too much power and he's taking advantage of it.

Biggest Problem with Church

2nd passage

My biggest problem with the Roman Catholic Church is that they sold indulgences. The reason that was such a problem for me was because it was a whole lie to everyone. The indulgences were not true but people fell for it because everyone wanted to know how they got salvation. But the way to actually get salvation would be through Christ alone.