Health Opportunities Through Physical Education

Progress Reports/Scholarship Warnings: Reports and warnings will be emailed. Anyone that currently has a D or F will also receive a phone call.

Monthly Calls: I will need to speak with each of you and a guardian on a monthly basis. Feel free to call me if you need any assistance with course navigation or course content. My best contact number is (904) 423-9329.

Pacing: Your daily assignments are located within your course on your assignment calendar. Please check this daily! Your attendance is based on the amount of work you complete over the course of the week.

Attendance: Teachers are taking attendance on a weekly basis. If you are behind pace and do not complete at least 5% of the coursework in a week, you may be marked absent.

Activity Logs: You are required to complete physical activity throughout the course. Your physical activity should be added to the online log located in the Resources sections of the course. To record activity follow these directions: 1) Go to "Organizer" 2) Click "Resources" 3) Click "Fitness Log"

Course Work: Answer questions in complete sentences. Your answers must convey you understand the course material.

This HOPE announcement page is for the HOPE course located in the Edgenuity learning platform.

Ms. Sowell, (904) 423-9329, taylorc4@duvalschools.org