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News of Iran.

Obama has offered Iran a generous deal. Iran has agreed on two benefits from a deal, Sanctions relief and nuclear enrichment. The sanctions relief might be harder to do than nuclear enrichment. The biggest mistake that could be made in a deal with Iran to adapt Iran's regional ambitions.

In other News Iran tried launching a monkey to space again. Iranian space officials announced they will make (another) attempt to launch a live monkey to space within the next month. these monkeys will be sent into space according to a timetable Fajr Ceremonies. A successful mission this time around would seem to advance Iran's goal of sending an astronaut to the moon by 2025.

Other news of Iran, Bad weather strands released Iranians at Airport. Nearly 50 Iranians headed home after being freed by Syrian rebels in a prisoner swap were stranded on Thursday at the Damascus airport by bad weather has swept the middle east. The U.s. has designated the area as a terrorist organization.
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News of Iraq.

On Wednesday the 16th a Suicide Bomber killed himself and others with a vehicle filled with explosives. His target was a major kurdish Party. The suicide bomber did this out of tension of the ethnic groups and sectarian that threatened iraq to get back into chaos " The car bomb outside the offices of the Kurdistan Democratic Kirkuk caused widespread damage mangling cars and tearing apart store fronts on a busy commercial street" said ,Adam Schreck.

In other news The U.S army delivered three bell 407 scout helicopters to Iraqi armies on 1/14/13. This is the 6th delivery of an armed Iraqi helicopter. The helicopters were loaded on a air national guard C-17 on their way to Iraq. " We'll fly to Germany then to Iraq offload and reassemble the aircraft test fly them and conduct a complete and inventory test before siding them over to the Iraqi's" Said ,Ridley.

At the same time high winds in the gulf are still stalling ships from leaving on sunday. Bad weather is one of the biggest problems in exports this month. Exports from the south have resumed steadily. "Bring Iraq closer to it's higher export levels in decades" said, Reuters.

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News of Afghanistan.

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