Xin Zhong Guo (New China)

Totalitarian State

Dictator Lei Shu Qin (a.k.a. Lightning General)

  • Leads Xin Zhong Guo.
  • People fear or admire him because of his power, resilience, intelligence, and numerous ideals into forming a better world.
  • Allies with China and conquers England.
  • Successfully leads Xin Zhong Guo into conquering England.

About Xin Zhong Guo

  • All resources are rationed or equally distributed such as: water, food, daily needs, money, etc.
  • Clothes are provided and uniformed.
  • Everyone is treated as equals; discrimination is prohibited.
  • All money is handled by the government. (equally distributed)
  • Parents are only allowed to have two children maximum.
  • Language is strictly English and Chinese.
  • Religion is strictly Christian.
  • Given jobs for citizens based on age starting from 18 years old.
  • Required time for citizens to start working- 9:00am.
  • Curfews are given to all citizens- 9:30pm.

  • Dictator Lei Shu Qin uses indoctrination and propaganda to win the hearts of the citizens and successfully transforms England into a totalitarian state. (and a little bit of Police terror for the few people who oppose him.)
  • Hires assassins to secretly and discreetly eliminate/kill those who pose as threats and enemies. (promises assassins for protection and security.)


The following represents:

  • The black background “absolute power”, the absence of light.
  • Each square signifies earth, stable and permanent structures.
  • Four of each square (earth) because in the fourth day of “creation week” according to the bible, the material universe was completed.
  • The symmetrical squares also symbolize how everything and everyone is equal.

Control Methods

  • Police Terror
  • Indoctrination
  • Propaganda
  • People who disobey or threaten the dictator loses meals or money until they admit they're wrong and sorry.

Education System

  • All citizens are required to go to a government run school.
  • They will have to learn Science, Math, English, CLE (Christian Life Education.)
  • They are required to have at least 1 hour of exercise everyday. (Physical Education)
  • Teachers feed the students with propaganda.
  • PE- Policemen
  • Science- Doctors
  • Math- Industrial engineers
  • Science and Math- Teachers
  • Average- Agriculture or Industry


  • Citizens from eighteen to twenty nine years old work as farmers who give food production. (those who get average scores in school)
  • If age limit is reached, citizens transfer to industrial work.
  • A large part of land is reserved for farming.
  • Work time range is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.


  • Citizens thirty years old to fifty years old are required to work in industry. (factory workers, produces wood, metel, etc.) (those who get average scores in school)
  • Another equally large part of land is for factories.
  • Work time range is from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Effects of Systems

  • Production of crops and supplies (steel, metal,etc.) have increased because of the increase in amount of workers.
  • Some of people are complaining because they are not satisfied with the simple living conditions. Because of this, several people have starved for days.
  • 10 people have died because they stood as enemies of the dictator and planned to take his position.
  • All people will be treated as equals. Because of this:
  • Internal conflicts will be nonexistent.
  • The entire state is united under one mind.
  • Resources will be controlled, monitored and equally distributed among'st people.
  • As long as the system is in place no irregularities such as poverty, starvation, crime or corruption will exist.