4 Green Hotels Around The World

These 4 hotels have found ways to go green around the globe!

By: Olivia Harlan

The Barcelo Maya Beach Resort in Mexico

The Barcelo Maya Beach Resort not only grows its own vegetables and fruits instead of importing food, but it also believes in re-using towels and sheets instead of changing them every day. They have their own water purification plant so that water can be reused, and they are also advocates for sea turtle protection.
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The Yeatman Hotel in Portugal

To save energy, the Yeatman uses solar panels to create electricity and power throughout the hotel. They use rain water harvesting supplies for sanitary use as well as irrigation. They also use a reverse osmosis purification system for fresh drinking water, which helps reduce the hotels carbon footprint.
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The Laguna Lodge in Guatemala

The Laguna Lodge uses 180 solar panels to produce power. The fireplace is fueled with naturally fallen brush, and they grow organic fruits and vegetables. Rechargable batteries are used, water irrigation is used, as well as water powered electronics such as clocks. Even the lawn mowers are manual to reduce the carbon footprint. Not to mention that the website itself is carbon free. (:
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The Danhostel Ribe in Denmark

The Danhostel Ribe has a Green Key Certification. This means that it is the only environmentally certified hotel in Ribe. Instead of cars, guests are encouraged to use bicycles instead. The Danhostel Ribe reduces energy and water consumption, and uses eco friendly detergents and cleaning supplies. It also uses organic products, and avoids using chemicals for weed control. Everything is grown naturally, Everything is recyclable at the Danhostel Ribe, and guests are welcome to join activities while there that help save the environment, such as trash pickup and helping to promote bicycle usage.
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