Carsen Fleming

The Four Nobel Truths

Suffering Exists

Suffering arises due to Human desire and this desire can never be satisfied

There is a way to be released from suffering

There is a path to the end of suffering-The Eight-Fold Path

8 Fold Path

The Eightfold Path was created by Siddhartha Gautama and it is a path to relieve suffering and become awakened and enlightened. The path is the fourth of the four nobel truths and by living this way one would be living the middle way.

Right View

Understand how life works (4 nobel Truths)

Right Intention

Change what is wrong in life; commit to your improvement

Right Speech

Use words carefully; No gossip, slander, be positive

Right Action

Act appropriately; Do not steal, do not murder

Right Livelihood

Do not harm others with your profession

Right Efforts

Rid yourself of Bad thoughts, deeds

Right Mindfulness

Be alert as to What affects both body and mind

Right Concentration

Meditative practice that you apply on a daily basis


The State in which you are free of suffering

You are free from individual existence

You have achieved enlightenment

Siddhartha (Hermann Hesse)

Everyone knew that Siddhartha would achieve greatness, because it was in his blood.
He loved his father very much but even though he knew his religion very well he had not achieved enlightenment. Siddhartha did not gain anything from his fathers teachings or The rituals and mantras they have taught him. The rituals and teachings seem more a matter of custom than a real path that could lead to true enlightenment.