Early beginnings

  • Around 8000 B.C fermentation was used to create wine and breads.
  • 7000 years later fermented soybean curds were used to treat skin conditions.
As Technology Refines

  • 1854 A.D. a french chemist (Louis Pasteur) made the first true observations and mentions as to what caused fermentation this would be yeast, he called the process he observed "Respiration without air."
  • In 1907 a German chemist Eduard Buchner displayed the enzymes in yeast causing fermentation and won the Nobel prize that year

The Process itself

Fermentation in yeast and bacteria

Fermentation is a process that converts sugar to gasses, alcohol or gasses, this process occurs naturally in yeast and bacteria. Which takes place in absence of oxygen usually when an electron transport chain is unusable this becomes the cells primary means of creating its own energy, most cells that can ferment usually avoid it when oxygen is available as much more ATP would be made than glycolysis