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Hard drive

What is a Hard Drive? hard drives are storage devices for backing up digital data. The best feature of these devices are that they are non-volatile as they are capable of retaining stored data upon them even when unplugged from the power source, unlike RAM which loses all information as soon as the computer is shut down, Data if encoded magnetically upon such drives using read/write heads.What are the different types of hard drives? Four main typesEnhanced Integrated Drive Electronics: Enhanced (sometimes "Expanded") IDE is a standard electronic interface between your computer and its mass storage drivesEnhanced integrated drive electronics (EIDE) is the hard drive interface that succeeded integrated device electronics (IDE), also known as ATA or ATA-1. The interface acts as an intermediary between the computer and a mass storage device. EIDE provides much faster transfer rates than IDE.Serial Advanced Technology Attachments:Solid State Drives:Small Computer System Interface: