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Hi Paul, I am very scared about joining the Christian faith, do you have any advice for me , and if I do end up joining, what tools will help me learn about the Christian faith? -Scared Gentile

Well hello friend, I understand that your frightened and I would be to. It is a scary process because you probably don't know that much about this religion. So because of this I think you should get a Bible, are sacred book that contains the main beliefs and stories about are religion, and read to get a better understanding. The Bible is a very useful tool to help people in situations like the one you are in now.

What are the main beliefs and holidays in the Christian faith? -Curious Fan

Curious Fan, the main beliefs in are religion are mainly based upon Jesus and our one true God. They express how Jesus' father is God and how Jesus died on the cross to save us so that we may go to heaven like Jesus did. We also believe that the kingdom of God is not only heaven, but also the world and people all around us. And some main holidays that we celebrate are Christmas, Jesus' birthday, and Pentecost, the church's birthday.

Since you Paul are an experienced Christian, can you give me some advice on how hard or easy it is to join and learn or really get used to the religion? -Interested Women

Well you got that correct I am an experienced Christian, and well getting used to the religion will take time because it is fairly different from others. But I think that it would be very easy for you to join this religion if you study maybe the basic parts of the Christian faith.

In the Christian religion are there any laws such as eating kosher or circumcision? -Answer Seeker

No, we do not have any laws regarding things like this, but it is highly expected of everyone to attend Mass every Sunday if possible. We do this because Mass teaches us the main beliefs in our religion in the Gospels and Homilies. We as Christians also go to Mass to keep our relationship close to Jesus and God.

Hello Paul, I am a father of three an reconsidering my religion because I realized that I truly believed more in the Christian religion than what the Jewish faith is based upon, and I also want to know if there is a place Christians go to worship because we Jews have a Synagogue to do so? -Stressed Jewish Father

I think that if you believe more in the Christian religion you should switch to it because you can express what you actually think. You should also do this in my opinion because you might never express your true feelings for the Christian religion and it could put you under more stress, because it already seems like you are stressed out to me. So I think you should go with your gut feeling. And yes, we do have a place of worship and it is called the Church. We go to Church to pray and keep our faith strong with Jesus and God.

In your past Paul, what made you realize that you wanted to join the Christian faith? -Eager Gentile

Well to be honest, at first I murdered Christians and tried to destroy the faith because I did not believe what anyone had to say about the Christian faith. But then I saw Jesus Christ and he suddenly made me turn into a blind man. I had serious pain in my eyes, but then Jesus came to me in a dream and told me that one of his disciples would come to me and make me healed. So then one of his disciples came and he rinsed my eyes with water baptizing me. I then could see again and became a Christian because I knew that the power of God through Jesus was real.

Dear Paul, I have been apart of the Jewish faith for almost twenty-five years now and I am very nervous about what my fellow Jews might think of me if I switched religions, can you give me some advice, and if you could summarize the Christian faith in three sentences, what would they be? -Nervous Jew

If you are thinking about joining I think you should, but it could criticize the Jewish religion. Although maybe you could talk to someone important in your religion that could make an exception. And you also could see if the Jewish people would feel okay about the situation. Now on to the second part of your question. Our religion is based on Jesus and God. We believe that Jesus died on the cross to open up the gates of heaven for all to come. Also in the religion every Christian helps each other to understand better.
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