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September, 2021

Welcome Back!!!

I hope everyone is well! I'm so glad to be back in the buildings with you all and our kids. Prayers that we can stay this way, stay safe, and have a productive school year!

I am currently serving as the librarian for 5, soon to be 6, of our State Agency Schools so I've been pretty busy getting things up and running. I will do my best to continue sharing resources through this newsletter and on my libguides on a regular basis.

That said, always feel free to reach out via my contact information below if I can be of service to you in any way.


This summer Mrs. Denille ordered hundreds of multicultural books for teacher's classrooms as well as for our libraries, helping make sure our students have access to diverse books.

The cultures represented in these titles include Asian/Pacific, American Indian, LatinX, African, African American, LGBTQIA+, and persons with disabilities.

This will help ensure that our students see themselves represented in the books we have to offer them.

Big picture

Good news!!! KMI's library is back up an running!

Planning to teach a novel? has over 250,000 resources to help you bring books to life for your students.

Find resources for all grades, 12 different curricular areas, 19 different genres, 24 different cultural experiences and more!

Resource types include, author interviews, meet-the-author movies and recordings, book descriptions, book guides, activities and lessons, story time activity kits, complete book and poem readings, read-along audiobook performances, and vocabulary lists, just to name a few!


Below are some resources I've acquired or created that you are welcome to use. Feel free to make a copy and revise things to better suit your needs or the needs of your students.
September Special Days Calendar

Calendar and resources curated by Pam Coomer at LMS.

Digital Interactive Dictionary

Your students will be able to create a digital dictionary using words, pictures, or videos to define content vocabulary words. Just have them make a copy of the Google Slide Deck and they can make it their own.

Non-Fiction Choice Board

Feel free to use this non-fiction choice board to either assign or allow students to choose activities to complete after reading a non-fiction book or article.

Fiction Choice Board

Get kids reading and interacting with the text by assigning or allowing them to choose an activity to complete after reading any fictional text.

Creative Writing Prompts

Get kids writing with these creative writing prompts! This slide deck contains 20 creative writing prompts. If your students enjoy these and you would like for me to come up with more, just shoot me an email.

Class Sets

This is a list of the class sets I have available to you. The titles are older as they were donated, but feel free to borrow them, just shoot me an email.

My Schedule and Contact Information

Monday - Brooklawn

Tuesday - Peace Academy

Wednesday - The Brook - KMI

Thursday - Home of the Innocents

Friday - Louisville Day