Pie Charts

By: Irisbeltsi Hunt

Getting to understand pie charts more!

Pie charts are used to gather and order catigorical information. This can help if your gathering information on sports teams and on who likes a certain team or player on the team. Another example is if your gathering information on how you should cut your hair, if short hair is more common in people cutting their hair or, if longer hair is more common. This can help on anything that you can oder catagorical.

What do pie charts help us with?

Pie charts help with odering information with numbers and almost like catagories. To help you understand more heres an easier definition of pie charts: the definition of pie charts is simply the compareson of numbers and percents. :)

Some examples of what pie chats look like and what they are used for...

It might sound boring but this will get more intersesting right now! :)

How do we use pie charts?

There are many ways to use pie charts actually, you can use them to solve problems, or to gather information, even to figure out percents. you can even make a list of things and order it into a pie chart. making your own pie chart doesn't have to be boring, it can actually be fun and intertaining, as long as you are doing the information right and making sure your key matches your pie chart(s) you can have a heck of a time doing it.!

Even monkeys think it's fun and interesting to learn about PIE CHARTS!!!