Texting On The Move

By: adir man

Why is texting on the move dangerous?

Texting on the move is dangerous believe it or not.

The human brain cant handle multi-tasking and paying attention to several things at once.

Texting takes away attention from things surrounding you which can cause very dangerous consequences

When you text you're thinking about what to say, giving attention on what your thumbs are doing, and reading incoming messages rather than paying attention to what you're doing . That makes your risk of getting hurt or injuring others around you more likely.

It doesn't matter if you can text without looking at the keypad. Even if texting feels natural, your brain is still trying to do two things at once.

How texting on the move can take a tragic turn..

One woman in San Fransico died while she was walking and texting. Sadly she walked into a pickup trucks path and she died on impact.

Though this is rare this shows us what texting on the move can do to you and thats why we need to be more safe and aware of our surroundings.

Tips on how we can be safer while texting

Here are three simple tips to help to make your life safer when it comes to texting...

1. Always put your phone in an easy spot to find, like a specfic pouch or pocket in your backpack so its easy to find.

2. If you need to text right away stop walking or anything else youre doing and while driving pull off the road.

3. Turn off your phone completley if youre doing something that requires your'e full attention because then it is less tempting to answer a call or send a text messeage.

Believe it or not these 3 simple tips can save your life and lives of others so follow these tips and you will be fine. Don't text on the move - Be safe