April 21, 2015

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April 20-24th. Please support this process by helping to keep the noise level down while students transition through campus. This will be the final year when SAT 10 will be used. We are continuing to work with our partners at UCLA in regard to an opportunity to administer Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Substitute Requests

Please request substitutes as soon as you know one will be needed for conferences, outreach, committee retreat days etc.


Come and Let us Celebrate You!

Lunch in the Conference Room - Monday, April 27, 2015

Sponsored by faculty to honor and celebrate our UCLA Lab School staff, administrators, EDP, TAs, and Specialists. Drop by anywhere from 10:30am - 1:15pm.

Just bring yourselves and enjoy!

Buzz Around Town...

Many of you have probably heard talk about a STEAM Lab and have many questions. We invite you to attend an informational meeting on Wednesday, April 22 in Gregg G. Juarez Community Hall at 3:30. We have exciting plans to share with you about what this means for our school and how it relates to the summer renovation projects. Snacks and refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to Kate if you plan to attend. This meeting is voluntary.

Hope to see you all there!

Paint Project

Good news - we anticipate all painting to be complete by the end of this week, Friday, April 24. A final walk-thru will be scheduled for next week. If you happen to notice any areas that need attention, please point them out to Shelley.

Thank you all for being so accommodating during this process and for your patience.

California Association of Freirean Educators (CAFE)

April 24 and 25th.

Saturday's educators workshop may be of particular interest to you:
Critical Pedagogy: Purpose and Praxis. Educators’ workshop.This workshop invites educators to explore and redefine the purpose of education and the role of educators in teaching the whole child for local and global citizenship. We will examine excellence in reading “the word” (text), problematizing “the
world” (context), and raising consciousness to transform society. Workshop led by Chitra Golestani.

Here is the link for FREE registration: https://docs.google.com/a/labschool.ucla.edu/forms/d/13jRCjvAHJnogDMVeVmv3BKgFP5Lj9rreMeiEO_K3An8/viewform?c=0&w=1

Free Enriching Experience

Let’s Get the Rhythm: Life and Times of Miss Mary Mack

Monday, May 4 – UCLA Moore Lecture Hall, Special Campus Screening, 6:30pm, Free

Migration – Canada, 2015, 5:44; Marlene Millar (filmmaker), Sandy Silva (choreographer); Migratory journey of percussive dancers who rely on their hands, feet and sonic bodies to create a unique soundtrack as they move through water, wind and sand interpreting the preparation, departure, and flight of their collective journey.

Let’s Get the Rhythm: Life and Times of Miss Mary Mack – USA, 2014, 55:00; Irene Chagall (filmmaker); Celebrates the wondrous world of hand clapping games, a traditional genre that thrives on the playgrounds of large cities and in remote corners of the world.

*FREE Reception with filmmakers Irene Chagall, Marlene Miller and Sandy Silva before screening.

Professional Development Share-Out

We are introducing a new section to Admin News to share information from professional development opportunities that were attended by staff and faculty. Please feel free to send a brief summary of PDs attended so that it can be shared in Admin News.

2015 LEAD 3.0 Symposium

Norma, Shelley, and Chris T. attended the 2015 LEAD 3.0 Symposium last week and gathered a wealth of information to help guide the vision of bringing leading edge technology and innovation to the UCLA Lab School. One stand out session noteworthy of mention was about the Maker Movement. It was lead by Sylvia Libow Martinez, author of Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom. She talked about the maker-movement overlapping with the natural inclination of children and the power of learning by doing, making, and building. The central thesis of her book is that “children should engage in tinkering and making because they are powerful ways to learn.” Both Shelley and Norma have copies of her book and will be happy to share.


Campus Wireless Plan

We've talked about it and now it's starting to come to fruition! We are entering into a phased approached to ensure that our campus will be 100% wireless. Beginning on Wednesday, April 22 wireless Access Points (APs) and cabling will be installed during the evening hours starting at 5:00pm in various points in the Administrative building and Library. The wireless deployment will be able to accommodate all UCLA Lab School Staff and Faculty, and we are working on deployment for students. The Tech Team will be conducting training on how to get access. Stay tuned…

Phase 1 – Administrative Building & Library area beginning Wednesday, April 22

Phase 2 – Classrooms & EDP - TBD

Phase 3 – Community Hall & STEAM Lab - TBD

Tech Tip

Search For and Insert Links in Google Docs

Google Docs incorporates the power of Google search to help you easily insert links into your current document. Rather than opening a new browser tab and searching for a page you want to link, you can search right from the link dialog. To do this, click the Insert > Link option. Type a search into the dialog and Google will display pages that match your search — click one to create a link to the selected address.

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Girls and Coding!!!

The Honest Company has reached out to us to discuss their initiatives in regards to empowering young girls in coding. They spoke about an upcoming training for teachers that they are offering in May and have extended the invitation to the Lab School. If you are interested in attending please visit the link embedded below and sign up, and also please let us know if you will be attending. They have asked if you could sign up this week so that they have enough time to plan.

The Spring Code Workshop will be hosted at The Honest Company offices on Saturday, May 30th from 9am - 5pm.

Sign up here for the workshop:

You can find more information about the workshop at studio.code.org andcodek5workshop.webs.com


For those interested in building your Spanish vocabulary one word at a time, we will publish a word or phrase in Admin News, use it in a sentence, and provide the English translation. Today’s Spanish word of the day:

la primavera-spring

Estoy deseando vacaciones de verano.

I am looking forward to summer vacation.


Family Movie Night!!!

What a success!!! Families and friends gathered to spend some family time while supporting our Upper students and their preparations for culmination. Upwards of 400 attendees!!!!

All Family Employee Beach Day!!!

Our volleyball beach day was so much fun we do not have any pictures to share!!! We were all too busy enjoying ourselves. We shared food, stories, volleyball, and much laughter. Thank you to Ezequiel for the tasty libations.

New Family Social

What a success!!! Thank you to all that came and supported our new families and help to make this event so joyous. We had teacher and staff representation and many families welcoming those who will join us in September.

2nd Annual Family Planting Day

What is more fun than digging in the dirt on a Saturday morning. Take some time to notices all the new little flags surrounding the creek. Those were all planted on Saturday by the smallest of hands to the largest. Truly a wonderful way to teach our children and ourselves about environmental responsibility.

TLC Notes

This section of Admin News was created to share notes from TLC meetings.

Field Trip Budgets:

Let everyone know their field trip budget via TLC reps

In the future, please have a level representative confirm with Vichelle what your budget is at the beginning of the year

Levels decide their field trips at the beginning of the year and share them with TLC who will then check to be sure there is no overlap or redundancy

There is not equality in the budget across levels (over nights cost more)

Future action item: guidelines for field trip planning e.g. using the public transportation, share buses.

Streamlining Back to School Night:

Norma’s introduction is important, starting in Community Hall

All levels give Norma talking points

Norma’s presentation should take no longer than 15 minutes

Followed by level presentation to show unity within level

Move focus into the classroom

Each team together in one classroom is a good way to show unity and cohesion amongst a team

Leadership will walk around the school and visit all classrooms throughout the night.

Future action items: We need to brainstorm what this would look like in EC and the role of Specialists

Open House:

Everyone understands the expectations

Open House will follow traditional guidelines

A classroom may highlight one focus area

A culminating experience can take place at any time, and must be organized through Nancy in order to coordinate parking, and with Mr. Kello to accommodate [his schedule]

Future action item: role of Specialists


Dialogue about the need for regular faculty meetings has begun

Decision Making Protocol for TLC in the works.


Nick Kello...by Nick Kello

One of the things that, I suppose, has had a formative impact on my life has been my travels. I am what has been classified as a “Third Culture Kid” ("a term used to refer to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their development years.”) I imagine that, in an increasingly globalized world, more and more of us these days are fitting into this category. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but spent my childhood and teen years living and going to school in Boston, Montreal and Rio De Janeiro. My dad was a business man and he got moved around a lot. Every so often, he would shock us at the dinner table by telling us we would be moving to some far off place (often a place I had, at best, only a very faint and innocent conception of), and my three brothers, my mom, and myself followed him around. It wasn’t until I arrived in Boston, at the age of 6, that I started to appropriate the name “Nick”. Mostly, this was because the way people pronounced my name seemed foreign to me - it didn’t feel like “me”. I also had a desire to fit in and to belong in my new surroundings. And here we have one of the interesting characteristics of being a Third Culture Kid: a very curious and multifaceted sense of identity. To this day, when I am in the Northern hemisphere people call me Nick - and in the Southern, Nico or Nicolas! My brothers, interestingly enough, call me both - but this depends on the language we are communicating in. It was perhaps this confusing sense of identity that compelled me many years later to study Philosophy. Anyway, one of the most profound experiences for me growing up was living in Rio De Janeiro, where I attended the Escola Americana do Rio De Janeiro and where I became struck by a love and lifelong passion for Brazilian music. In my adult life, the travel itch has continued to get me. Two of my favorite places are the Italian fisherman village of Portofino and the Tuscan countryside of Val D’Orcia - a UNESCO World Heritage Site where time has, for all intents and purposes, appeared to have stood still for the past 1,000 years. It’s a magical place. Of course, I still continue to make trips to my birthplace of Buenos Aires - mainly this is so that I can visit my 102 year old grandmother who has always told me the most compelling stories of her experiences during the Spanish Civil War.

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Questions... Comments... Put Ups...

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, celebrations, at our Newsletter email: admin@labschool.ucla.edu.