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September 2020

The Stage Notes Newsletter is published the first of every month and contains lots of information about both the Theatre Arts and Choral Music programs at East Lincoln High School. We want to try not only to get the word out about upcoming performances but also to keep our community up-to-date on what our students are doing and how they can partner with us to produce the highest quality programs.

If you have friends, family, or neighbors who would enjoy this monthly look into theatre and chorus, share with them our website,, and they can sign up to receive the newsletter at the bottom of any page.

Thanks for being a part of our performing arts community!

It's Just Intermission!

It has been several months since our last newsletter. COVID-19 forced us to cancel concerts, productions, and summer camps leaving us with a large budget gap in completing our Black Box project and planning for the new season. But, COVID-19 brought us some time to address our props and costume inventories, to deep clean equipment, to make updates to our website and social media accounts, to update our music library, and to develop a new plan for moving forward financially. While this forced closure was not something we would have ever asked for, we have made a conscious effort to use the time wisely so we can come back to the stage stronger than before!
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The Ghost Light -

"In theatre we have a tradition- whenever the theatre is empty we are always sure to leave one light on. Typically on a stand in the center of the stage, this light is known as the ghost light. There are many stories about its origin- but it’s meaning is unmistakable.

It means though the theatre is empty, WE WILL RETURN. So here’s to us. The actors, the technicians, the directors, the carpenters, the designers, the dancers, the teachers, the students, the freelancers, those on tour, those at sea, the electricians, the stitchers, the makers, the stage managers.... THE ARTISTS. Many of us have taken big hits during this virus. Financial and emotional weights have come crashing down as our entire industry is reduced to nothing but a bunch of ghost lights. But those ghost lights are temporary place holders. They are a sign. We might be down now- but our passion, our creativity, our drive is still center stage. We’ll be unplugging those ghost lights in no time.

Until then- here’s a ghost light- to let the world know we will be back."

--Michael Biglad Shaw

2020-2021 SEASON!

We have planned for a full season in spite of all that is going on around us. It is important to us that we stay positive and continue to be hopeful as we prepare for the season. There may be more performances with fewer members in the audience. There may be performances streamed into your home. There may be performances outdoors. One thing is for certain. We are going to do our best to bring you some amazing art this year by whatever means we are able. Please connect with us on social media to make sure you are always up-to-date with our current productions and concerts.
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In the fall of 2019, the East Lincoln High School Theatre received a grant from the Timken Foundation to begin the renovation of a classroom space into a black box performance space. This grant of $115,000, combined with smaller donations allowed us to install a pipe grid to house an up-to-date theatrical lighting system, update the sound system, blackout the windows, and acquire new seating platforms for our audience. Adding padded seating is the final piece of this initial renovation phase.

We are looking for 100 sponsors to purchase one seat, helping put the finishing touches on the space. Please help us get the word out! In reality, 100 sponsors is not a massive goal, but it is a goal that will greatly benefit our students and audiences for years to come!

Click Here For More Information Or To Purchase Your Chair.

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September 25 at 7 PM

Join us on September 25 for our first event of the year! Student groups will be recording their best lip sync performances to be shown online beginning at 7 PM. Ticket information will be up soon, so watch for updates! Your votes will be collected in real-time to determine the East Lincoln HIgh Ultimate Lip Sync Artist! Stay tuned for more information!
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October 5 at 7 PM

It may be in person...It may be outside...It may be online, but we are going to do our very best to share our music with you this fall! Stay tuned for the details, but know that we are already working on some special things to share!
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A Little Help From Our Friends...

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We love to hear the words, "How can I help?" There are several ways to support the great work of our East Lincoln performers. Check out the various opportunities below and see if there are one or more areas you are led to support.

Make A Donation

We accept donations year-round and while monetary donations are great, there are other donations that help us just as much! Below are some items that are currently on our need list. Some items are a one-time need, others are ongoing needs. No matter what type of donation you are able to make, it will be appreciated, and we will make sure to provide you with documentation of your generosity! As you might imagine, our needs change regularly. You can always see the most up-to-date list on our website under "Support Us."

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