Room 604 News

April 11-15


I apologize for the disappointed kids from the Knott's trip. Fortunately, they did get to participate in the American history portion that was the main reason or the trip, from an educators perspective. They each have a coupon to return for free before 12/31.

Thank you to our room moms, Alessandra Lapadula, and Sarah (Borg) Thompon who put on a great afternoon of fun last Friday, and Carol Moser, and Cheyanne Kreuger for helping make it happen. The kids played Minute-To-Win-It games, made self sustaining living terrariums, and spring wreaths.

Spring Pictures ~ Tuesday, April 12

I will be at the district office on Tuesday morning, and will return to school by noon.

Country Fair ~ Friday night and all day Saturday

We could use white copy paper. If you have any at home, and can spare a ream, please send it in for us.

Language Arts

Students are in ability based reading groups reading one of two novels. I am meeting with them daily for discussion and this week we're working on text based questions. They have been answering this type of question all year, and now it will be their turn to create text based questions for their peers to answer in groups.

Students will review perfect past tense verbs this week, work on the prefixes COL and BIO, and figurative language: foreshadowing and flashbacks.


We will review classifying polygons (triangles and quadrilaterals) on Monday and take the district assessment on Tuesday. The kids have been taught what they need to know, but it does take some memorization and practice to solidify the context to the meaning of the different polygons.

Next we will work on measurement. First, students will need to learn how to convert measurements within metric system. This, again, requires some memorization. I recommend students making flashcards.

I teach: King Henry Doesn't Understand Doing Conversions of Metric

This stands for : kilo, hecta, deka, unit(gram, meter, liter), deci, centi, and milli

If students understand the base ten system and understand the movement of a whole number to the left is an increase in value, and moving toward the right is a decrease in value, then they can use this system if they know the UNIT. The phrase above shows the metric system ordered from greatest to least.

Students also need to know customary units of measurement:

Liquids: ounces, cups, pints, quarts, and gallons

Mass (weight): ounces, pounds, tons

Length: inches, feet, yards, and miles

After learning the different values within each system, we will spend time using real world scenarios to help make sense of all of these definitions.


Science Fair Count Down: 5 weeks to go ... due on May 16.

Students did quite well with the digestive system. The first part of this week, I will introduce the excretory system, and by the end of the week, we will be working on the circulatory system. We will continue on with the circulatory system next week, and take a unit test NEXT Friday.

I will then review some key concepts that are always on the state test: magnetism, rock cycle, ecosystems, food chains/webs, to name a few.

Social Studies

We are midway through the chapter, but now there is a lot of content for the next two lessons. They are SO important to me, and should be known and understood for a lifetime from this point on, so I focus on these lessons for several days each. We are going to learn about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Branches of Government. Although these were put in place by our founding fathers 220+ years ago, they are still practiced today.

Students are making progress on their ABC books. The next 20 pages are due for check off on Thursday, 4/14.