July 11, 2022

Summer 2022 Updates!

Hello everyone! Who is ready for school to start?

( I know this depends on if I'm asking the parents or the students.) Right?!?

I for one am ready for school to start back. I am missing everyone! This break has been really good, but too long for me!

As usual I've kept myself busy this summer tweaking things around the school to make them better! I've added more flexible seating to several of the classrooms. I've also added more recreational activities for the student breaks. I think all the students will find new things they like!

We have a couple of seats available in most tribes still. If you know anyone homeschooling their child or wanting to homeschool their child please tell them about Faithful Academy! If you refer a new student to our school that signs up before school starts then we will BUY your child's school supplies for you!

I look forward to seeing everyone at running start on Friday, August 12.

Until then, stay safe and In His Will, Ms. Rhonda



School Supplies

School supply lists will be posted on website by July 18. Check in center section for the basic supplies to bring to Running Start on Friday, August 12th.

Student (consumable) Workbooks

As always FA provides all textbooks for your students core subjects. Parents have always ordered and bought the personal workbooks for their child. This year we will be ordering all student workbooks for you as well. This will ensure that all students have the correct materials that they need when school starts. These workbooks can also be paid at running start or with your August tuition payment. Parents will receive an invoice.

Running Start- Friday August 12, 2022

We will be adding a few needed items to running start this year. We will have stations set up that you will need to visit all of as they will all serve a needed purpose. Students will pick up their schedules, school supplies and workbooks at running start. We will be adding a "Google Classroom" station time that we will be asking parents to attend to make sure you personally know how to navigate through it. Classroom not only is used to find your child's assignments but also for you know where and how to view your child's daily & test grades for each of their classes during the semester so that there's no surprises when semester reports come out. This is the same place where you will be able to find assignment due dates, assignment directions, rubrics for grading, as well as assignments not completed or turned in. All of this will save teacher and parent time messaging back and forth about grades or assignment details.

There will be three set times available for running start sessions. If you are able to come during the day we ask that you do so, that way the evening time won't be as crowded when working parents get off work.

* We would like all students to attend running start with their parent. And we would like all parents to attend running start with their high schoolers. Please do not send your child alone.

* Please bring both: your child's electronic device and your personal device for the Google Classroom workshop. We would like to make sure both devices are set up correctly and ready to access needed information on the first day of school.

The following times are set for running start. Please arrange to be at one of the following sessions.

Running Start Session 1

9am-10am Complete all stations

10am-10:15 Training for new parent/teacher communication App

10:15-10:45 Google Classroom Training

Running Start Session 2

11am-12Noon Complete all stations

12:00-12:15 Training for new parent/teacher communication App

12:15-12:45 Google Classroom Training

(School building is closed from 1pm until 4pm.)

Running Start Session 3

4:15- 5:15 Complete all stations

5:15-5:30 Training for new parent/teacher communication App

5:30-6:00 Google Classroom Training

School T-shirts

There will be (2) t-shirts to purchase this year. One for our annual theme of the year that will be worn on field trips and any special days. And another shirt that will serve as our "community service" shirts. There are four 1/2 Fridays scheduled on the school calendar on our website. On these days we will be going out to serve our community. Parents are always encouraged to join us. I also ask that parents plan around these set days. This also includes our students that have jobs. Please plan to attend.

In addition there will also be a few service activities done at our school during the school day. Such as our Food drive and Homeless "Giving bags."

*Shirts sizes will be ordered and paid for at running start. (Parents may also order shirts for themselves.

*What is this years theme????? You'll just have to wait until Running start to be surprised!

School Lunches

This year we will only be ordering lunches out twice per week for a few reasons. One being that prices have gone up tremendously at all the places we order from! And secondly, because two of the four places we ordered from last year don't deliver and its too difficult to always have someone available to go pick it up.

*We will continue ordering Pizza and from Chik-Fil-A.

Dress Code

*There are no changes to the dress code. Cleanliness and modesty are always top priority.

Bookkeepers Notes...

It is now time to make sure you have paid your July payment. Remember there will be 10 payments so April will be the last payment for this school year. July payment was due the 1st but because of the holiday we extended the late date until today, the 12th. Please see that you have paid the registration fee and July 1 tuition payment. The Technology fee (previously supply fee) is due at the beginning of August with August tuition. This fee will be included on your next invoice if has not been paid.

Credit cards will have an added fee of 2.9%.

Direct payment from checking will have a 1% fee, up to $10 per payment.

If you do not write a check then one of these fees will apply on your next month payments. You must let me know how you will pay each month so I can set up your invoices correctly. This will be decided at Running start for your families' plan.

If you have any questions on your account please email Michelle is glad to assist!