One Man Stands Alone...

"Fizz" Ed stands tall against self improvement, fitness

Inside the Mind of Edward Fizzarelli

Edward Fizzarelli (or "Fizz" Ed, as he's been called since pre-school) is taking a stand against fitness, nutrition, health, and self improvement. His new blog is focused on justifying his unhealthy lifestyle, and on convincing you that you should join his new movement.

"You know, I'm fed up with people saying that we should get into shape, eat right, quit being a couch potato and all that garbage," says Fizzarelli.

He continues, "Matter of fact, I'll go one step further and say that everyone should embrace this lifestyle. I mean, there have been major advances in sofa technology. Today's couches are not the same as yesterday's. You used to not be able to sit on the old sofas for more than a few hours before your lower back started hurting. Today, you can spends months on these things. Some of them even have therapeutic enhancements like heat and massage. The really good ones have cup holders and mini-fridges so you don't even have to get up to grab another soda or beer."

"Being in shape, eating healthy...these concepts are overrated. Sure, you can significantly increase your energy levels and life expectancy, but what's the trade-off? You can't eat ice cream and Ho Hos three times a day? You can't sit and watch TV all day? No thanks! I'd rather just keel over early, but enjoy my time on this planet."

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"Fizz" Ed

Yo! My name is Edward Fizzarelli, but everyone calls me "Fizz Ed." I like parachute pants, Ho Hos, and Wham! If you're tired of hearing about why you should "get in shape," how you can "eat healthy," then I'm your huckleberry.