Tin Cans

By:Taylor Miller

INVENTED BY: Peter Durand

British merchant Peter Durand made an impact on food preservation with his 1810 patenting of the tin can. In 1813, John Hall and Bryan Dorkin opened the first commercial canning factory in England. In 1846, Henry Evans invents a machine that can manufacture tin cans at a rate of sixty per hour. An significant increase over the previous rate of only six per hour.

The first tin cans were so thick they had to be hammered open. As cans became thinner, it became possible to invent dedicated can openers.


Was to hold food for a long periods of time, like most canned foods last for about 2 years and sometimes depending on the type of food and quality of the can, it can last longer.

Getting Started

Canned goods didn't really take off until the 1860s. Civil War soldiers in the United States relied on canned goods, and they returned home touting their taste and value. The railroad industry began using canned goods to transport local meats and vegetables across the country. By the 1870s, the United States dominated the canning industry and was exporting vast quantities of salmon and other foods around the world.

The Founder

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