Isle Royale National Park

An Island of Nature


Welcome to Isle Royale National Park! This park holds amazing wonders for you to discover. There are wonderful plants, animals, and fun activities to do! It is a fantastic park for you to explore!


Isle Royale National Park is located on an island in Lake Superior. It is part of Michigan right next to Canada's border. Since Isle Royale National Park is on an island, visitors may chose to ride a airplane or a ferry there.

Things to do

There are a lot of fun activities to do at Isle Royale National Park. Hiking on the trails is one of the most common activities to do. Visitors can hike across Isle Royale National Park on Greenstone Ridge Trail. Hikers can also explore the old mining pit.

Sometimes, visitors are on the trail when it is sundown. Where to sleep? There are lots of mini sleeping houses for visitors to spend the night in. There is no talking though because it may disturb the animals.

Visitors can always have a nice picnic by the seashore or at the visitor center.

You must carry your trash though, there are no trashcans at Isle Royale National Park. Visitors may also decide to bring a kayak to paddle by the island or just rent one from Rock Harbor Information Center.

Things to know

We hope you have fun at this park but there are still park rules that we need you to follow. No littering. Animals might eat the trash you throw on the ground and get sick, or worse, choke.

Please do not cut down trees. If you are caught by a ranger, you will get kicked out from the park.

Animals + Wildlife

There are a lot of animals cool animals to gaze at when hiking, kayaking, and even when you enjoying a nice picnic.

When hiking, be sure to check the trees. You might find yourself staring at a Great Bald Eagle! Sometimes, you might notice small critters roaming the trail like squirrels, toads, rats, and spiders. Be sure to look at the bushes. You might find a red fox stalking you.

When you kayak, you might notice herring gulls flying through the dark blue sky. Also, you might find some beavers looking up at you in the water. Be sure to look at the shore too. You might be able to catch the scene of a moose eating leaves or a painted turtle sun bathing. Snap Back Turtles also roam the the park.

There are two most mainly found flowers at Isle Royale National Park. One is the Yellow Lady's Slippers and the Calypso Orchirds. Another plant is the Skunk Cabbage.


Visitors will have to pay $4 per day. Bringing kayaks into the park are for free.


The weather here at Isle Royale National Park is usually cool. In the summer, the weather does not even usually get to 80 degrees! Please do not come to our park in the winter because we will be closed since the weather here will be freezing.

Locations to visit

We have some cool places in our park that you may want to visit. Come look at Monument Rock. It was formed into a rock about 70 feet 21 meters high because of waves, rain, and ice.

There are two other places that are very high. You can climb to the the top of these two places though. One is Lookout Louise and the other is ojibway Lookout.

Visitors can also come to Rock House Lighthouse to look at old rooms and cabins.

All pictures can be found on the national park website.