Santos ordonez oscar pineda

Where were they born? What year?

Born: January 18, 1689
Bordeaux, France
Died: February 10, 1755
Paris, France

French philosopher and satirist

What was their job?

It was he who developed the theory of separation of powers, in his book The Spirit of the Laws

What are their greatest archievements in life

Montesquieu made great contributions to the theory of separation of powers, whose main features were:

- Clearly and specifically assigns each essential function of the State to a body which, by its composition, is best suited to fulfill: it is called functional rationality.

- Provides a model of universal validity, not limited to a particular state, but applicable to any of them.

- Applies own scientific methods of Newton, epitomized the result of the balance of power among state organs is individual freedom.

What are their political thought and beliefs

Carmen Iglesias study on the thought of Montesquieu is a classic of contemporary Spanish historiography, now reissued respecting the original version (1984), to which were added a timeline, a list of the author's works and indexes.

To assess their merit, we must take into account the scarcity of solvent historians among us in such a difficult area as inevitable: the history of thought and political ideas. Moreover, in a historiography as Spanish, not given to dealing with "external" issues, the work of Carmen Iglesias is an obvious milestone, highlighted by familiarity with moving among the challenging French sources and quality of the final result .

Who are you going to list as their 2 friend from the enlightenment period

FRIENDS MONTESQUIEU. Doña Rosa collects Rodríguez (Officer of Justice) who will forward his lordship this award. SECOND PRIZE to Dona Lucia Jimenez Gonzalez - PRESIDENT OF ACAVITE - CANARY ASSOCIATION OF VICTIMS OF TERRORISM

Who are you going list as their 2 friend from the 21 century?

Is lord capulet and venvolio