The Nicholson Museum

by Peta

On the 13th of august 2013, stage 3 went on an excursion to the IMAX theartre and Nicholson museum.

At 8:45 we got counted and went to the bathroom. then at 9:00 we boarded the bus. on the way i sat with bella and we played sweet and sour.

When we got to the nicholson museum we had crunch and sip and recess. after recess we got split up into our camp groups. Our leader took us down stairs first to feel and draw different objects from Ancient Egypt and Pompai. I drew a old sword that a young boy would have fought with and an old, rustic,flat pan.

Our leader then took us upstairs to a room filled with mummies tat were wrapped well and mummies that were wrapped bad. After that the leader told us that we were going to wrap two people later, so then she tought how to wrap well and how to wrap bad.

After we did get time to mummify some one (gretel and sam bang). Ula, Archer and i were dancers there were also people dressed as preists and anubis. Then we walked outside and ate our lunch then bella and i bourded the bus together again and played sweet and sour but noone seemed sweet.

When we got to the IMAX theartre we pushed and shoved to get up there then we had to sit down for 10-15 minutes. We went inside and watched some ads then the movie started it was called 'Egypt' and it was about mummification.

Overall i think it was a really good excursion and i had lots of fun. :)

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