Good Communication Helps Get Along

By: Yarett V., Jordon S. , and Michelle S.

Good Listener

To be a good listener you need to be able to block out all noises and actions around you. You should never judge someone’s personality. They may be more different than you and me but it doesn’t give you the right to judge if someone is right or wrong. When you use sarcasm you are stating something that doesn’t actually mean what you are saying the words that you mean. Some people may even take your sarcasm the wrong way and think that you are meaning what you are saying. Sweeping generalizations is a communication blocker in which making a complaint seems worse by exaggerating someone’s behavior. Name calling is a communication blocker in which someone calls someone an insulating name. Most people feel insulted when they get called and insulting name, they may not act like they are hurt but they are most likely hurting inside.


Poor communication leads to conflict. There are many ways to avoid having a conflict. You could always listen to to avoid conflict, use encouraging words , make eye contact, Paraphrase to show that you are listening to the speaker,and finally use your adult voice which is a calm voice of reason- think before you speak. Try and avoid the “parent” (bossy and controlling) and “child” voice (whiny and needy). These are I-Messages.

Tone Of Voice

When you talk to someone your tone of voice should be calm and clearly so that the other person can understand you. When you're sending a message electronically there is no tone of voice becasue when