5 Fantastic Mobile Apps

(for the Classroom)

Speaky - Text and Article Voice Reader

Upload any article from anywhere on the web and this app will read if for you while you view the text. This is perfect for students who have reading disabilities, visual impairments or who are audio learners. The teacher could also use this with really young students who have not yet learn to read. The user has the option to slow down or speed up the readers voice.

Book Writer

Using this app, students can create and share their own interactive book using pictures, videos, voice recordings, songs and text. Students can view stories created by people from all over the world.

Kidspiration Maps Lite

A great organizational tool for young students. Students can create webs, venn diagrams or use templates to organize information. Their graphic organizers can be transformed into text documents and shared. This app also includes activities for the core subjects.


This app is a great note-taking tool for students. Upload a document and add your own additional notes, pictures, videos or audio recording. Students can complete worksheets using this app, sketch ideas and even record lessons. Notes can be organized by date and subject.

Infuse Learning

Teachers can create quizzes on this app and send them out to students during class to check for understanding. Quizzes can include pictures. As well, the teacher can send out a blank page to students where they write or draw a response to a question and send it back to the teacher.