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October 2020

Hello parents,

We have made it through the first nine weeks! Thank you for all of your support and your partnership in working with Lakewood. We are so lucky to have your children.

This week we have begun the second nine weeks. Please remind your children to continue to work hard as we enter the holiday season.

Several things are happening at Lakewood. We will be starting our “Virtual Learning Fridays” every Friday through December 20th. We have Parent/Teacher Conferences October 27th and 29th. Also next week, we are going to have a fun week celebrating Fit2Live week. We have enclosed the flyer and hope the students will participate in each daily activity. Please send photos to

This year has been so different, but also so encouraging as we work together!

Thank you again,

Mrs. Logan and Mrs. Pounders

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Parent-teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are on Oct 27th and 29th. These days will be remote learning days, students will have assignment packets sent home and the virtual students will receive assignments through google classroom.

We strive to get 100% parent participation. Conferences will be through Zoom or a phone call so please include a good phone number and email when you sign up for a time to meet with your child's HOMEROOM teacher.

Thank you!

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Lakewood Elementary Virtual Fridays

The start date will be October 23, 2020.

  • Current face-to-face students have the option of completing work at home at their own pace or at school from 7:50 until 2:35. Students who are virtually enrolled will complete assignments asynchronous (pre-recorded lessons) from home at their own pace.

  • Students who decide to attend school will receive their instruction and services by other personnel such as Para-Professionals, Reach Associates, and support staff.

  • 7:40-8:20 - Students will go to their classrooms where teachers will take roll, lunch count and help them get prepared for the day.

  • 8:20-8:30 - Students will transition to the area where they will do their learning for the rest of the day.

  • 8:30-3:25 - Classroom teachers and certified staff will have time for lesson planning, team meetings, progress monitoring, recording lessons, finding resources, technology preparations, etc.

  • 8:30-2:20 - Students will do learning activities using online resources or materials teachers choose, interventions, 1:1 progress monitoring, etc. in their designated learning area. All learning will be overseen by designated classified staff.

  • 2:20 – 2:35 Transition and return student resources to prepare for dismissal. Classified staff will conduct dismissal along with duty personnel.

  • Masks will be worn any time a child is at Lakewood Elementary.

Blended Learning (Onsite) Student Attendance

  • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the day for all students who attend school as normal.

  • Onsite students opting to complete assignments asynchronous from home will need to return completed assignments the following Monday by 8:30 am for attendance credit and grading.

  • Virtual Academy Student Attendance

  • Students will not receive any “Live” Instruction. Lessons will be pre-recorded and done at a student’s own pace.

  • If a student is required to receive special services, he/she may still be provided virtual services at this time.

  • Students will continue to use Google Classroom for completing assignments.

  • Virtual Academy Assignments will need to be completed the following Monday by 8:30 am for attendance credit and grading.

  • The work day and reporting to work hours for licensed and classified staff will remain the same as a regular school day.

  • Classroom and Certified Teachers - Virtual Fridays provide time for lesson planning, technology prep, conferencing with parents, recording lessons, 1:1 student meetings for progress monitoring, grading, grade level team meetings, sanitizing, and organization for the next week.

  • Resource Teachers - Friday is a time for lesson planning, grading, meetings, sanitizing, reflection and organization for the next week. Depending on your students and area of expertise, you may still provide virtual or face-to-face services at this time.

  • Classified Staff - You will be assigned a grade level group of students to supervise who need to remain on campus. If you have no group at a given time, you will assist teachers with secretarial and administrative tasks (copying, laminating, sorting, etc.) or assist with an assigned group of children.


  • An electronic survey will be sent via Facebook, Dojo, SMS message and LWE Website on Friday, October 9, 2020, to get an estimate of how many students plan to attend school as normal and how many will opt for completing assignments asynchronously from home. PLEASE, complete this.

  • Grade levels will send home weekly surveys on Tuesdays via Google Form, Dojo, or paper copy to get an idea of how many students plan to attend school as normal and how many will opt for completing assignments asynchronous from home.

  • Weekly surveys will be utilized to get an approximate number of packets that will need to be created.

  • Work packets of learning materials will be sent home with children on Thursday who do not plan to attend school on virtual Friday.

Where will learning happen?

  • Kindergarten - Discovery Space
  • First Grade - Gym
  • Second Grade - Stage/Cafeteria
  • Third Grade - Discovery Space
  • Fourth Grade - Discovery Space
  • Fifth Grade - STEAM Lab

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will buses run on Fridays? Yes. Buses will run their regular routes.
  • Will pull-out teachers meet with students? No. Pull-out teachers will be planning. (Students will have a M-Th rotating schedule for pull-outs through December to prevent them from missing any new content.)
  • Will parties/special activities be held on Fridays? No. Halloween/Pumpkin activities are 10/28, Thanksgiving activities are 11/19 and Christmas parties are 12/17.
  • Do I need to let the teacher know if my child is coming to school on Friday? Yes, this will let her/him plan for the staff supervising students and know which materials to send home on Thursday.
  • Will student be provided meals? Students will receive a sack breakfast/lunch sack to take home on afternoons before virtual learning days
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