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Chi Eta Sigma Newsletter | Volume 1, Edition 5 | Spring 2017

Chi Eta Sigma

Chi Eta Sigma is IPFW's Counselor Education Honors Society. The mission of Chi Eta Sigma is to bring together cohorts and tracks in social and academic settings. Membership is currently open to all second year and third year graduate students, faculty, and alumni. In the spring, an invitation will be extended to first year graduate students who meet the society's academic qualifications.

Meet Dr. Rashunda Miller Reed

By Salisha Keller

Name: Rashunda Miller Reed

Family: I'm married to Andre Reed. We have 3 sons: Caleb (17), Jacob (7), & Ethan (5). Everyone in the family has a 5-letter name, except me.

Where did you grow up? In the small city of Slidell, LA which is North of New Orleans

Where were you before coming to Ft. Wayne/IPFW (demographically and professionally)? I worked in New Orleans, LA providing counseling to middle-school students and their families at St. Mary's Academy.

What do you like most about Ft. Wayne so far? Definitely the people.

What do you like most about IPFW so far? The students and their enthusiasm to learn. Additionally, I admire the camaraderie within the cohorts. You seem to take care of each other.

What is an area in your field that particularly interests you? Working with families and preparing students to counsel families in a wide array of settings

What are some of your hobbies? I enjoy going to the public library with my boys. I enjoy reading Intrigue books.

What is your favorite food? Cheese (cheese pizza, cheese cubes, cheesecake)

Share an interesting fact about you... I like quotes and old proverbs. Oh wait, you said interesting. Sometimes people think that I'm extroverted, and I'm not.

Anything else we should know? I like to wear authentic cowboy boots.

What quote do you feel you live by or inspires you to do what you do? The old proverb: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Bruce Lee has a quote about water. I like the flexibility of water. I can go with the flow or I can be like a mighty wave.

What advice do you have for students in the program? Be open to help. Trust the process! Think in terms of both/and instead of either/or when you can.

What is your favorite part about IPFW's counseling program? I admire the expertise of the faculty and their commitment to the success of students. The program is professional and has a strong systemic focus. One day students will be colleagues in the field, that's exciting.

Especially coming from the South, what inspired you to join IPFW's faculty? I wanted to experience life beyond my Southern roots. During my first visit to the campus, the faculty and students were easy to get along with. The cookies at the airport helped too.

Dog person or cat person? Neither, I like plants. I don't have to feed, walk, or do a lot with plants.

Favorite sports team? I'm not really into sports.

What are you most passionate about in the counseling field? Counseling families and seeing the growth in the counseling profession.

Thank you Dr. Reed for allowing us to get to know you better! Looking forward to the semesters to come as we further our counseling education.

Celebration of Excellence

The Chi Eta Sigma Celebration of Excellence was held Friday, April 21st at Sweetwater Sound. The evening was filled with welcoming new initiates, congratulating graduates, and recognizing second years with superlatives. This year the program welcomed incoming students as well. Guests learned a little about each new student who will be joining the program this summer. Martha Goller was the guest speaker and referred to counseling as a metaphor for a field, stating that counselors must plant seeds and dedicate time to harvest in order to see the fruits of our labor.

Thanks again to Esther Higginbottom for creating the presentation, and Casa's Restaurant and the Casaburo family for the delicious food.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Chi Eta Sigma Officers & Chairs

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In Case You Missed It

Dr. Michelle Drouin spoke at the last all-member Chi Eta Sigma meeting earlier this month. She gave a fascinating presentation on sexting, phubbing, and the impact of technology on our relationships. Not only did she introduce the group to an exciting and interactive presentation method, she also provided valuable information about working with all populations and various situations involving technology. The presentation provided insight into how teens' and adolescents' perceptions and interpretations of technology and relationships impact the work we do with them. If you get the opportunity to attend a presentation of Dr. Drouin's, we highly recommend attending!

Presenting at the ACA Conference

Written by Brooke Wright

Cassie Halbert, Alyssa Hale, and myself had the opportunity to do research about working with LGBTQAI groups in counseling settings. Through our research, we found helpful and unhelpful practices when working with this population. In our research we explored ways to advocate, counseling considerations, how to better understand personal values and beliefs and how those effect the counseling process, and lastly the importance and necessity for supervision.

After we found the research, we came together with what we thought was most important for other counselor’s in the field to know. We created a poster highlighting each area of the research we found. This past March, we had the opportunity to attend the American Counseling Association Conference & Expo in San Francisco, California and present our research in a poster presentation.

What we learned from this experience is that there is not enough research being done and published regarding LGBTQAI counseling and group work. What we found was tremendously helpful, but not enough. When there is not a lot of research supporting a group or population, that is a call for us as counselor’s to ask questions, find out why, and begin filling the holes that are currently blank and empty. Our experiences we had during our time researching and presenting has been so monumental, and one experience we will never forget. We had the opportunity to meet so many amazing counselors and other professionals throughout our time in San Francisco.

Our advice for anyone in the future is to take advantage of every opportunity you get within this program to step outside the box, do research, and present at a conference.

The Internship Experience

Written by Josh Troyer

My name is Josh Troyer and I am in my final year of my master’s degree in School Counseling. Third year students are required to complete 600 hours for an internship as a school counselor. I chose Lakeland High School located in LaGrange, IN as my internship site.

In the winter I was asked by the human resources department if I would be willing to fill in for the school counselor at Wolcott Mills Elementary School due to the current counselor going on maternity leave. They even said they would compensate me financially, of course I said yes! I started working at the Elementary school in February and have been there since.

I fulfill many roles as the school counselor at Wolcott Mills. My first and foremost role is to be there for the students, whether it’s academic, or social/personal related issues. Other roles that I fulfill entail: coordinating RTI meetings between the teachers, instructional coaches, and the principal; leading small groups 1x per week on social/personal issues, administering assessments such as Connors/KTEA/KBIT, tracking & recording attendance issues, communicating with parents/teachers, and substituting classes. As you have read the previous few sentences I am a counselor that wears “many hats!”

Performing the role of the school counselor at Wolcott Mills has prepared and developed me to become a full-time school counselor next year. This role has allowed me to get first-hand insight as being the “school counselor,” and only having the principal as a supervisor, where as being in the High School I had two other counselors there to assist me. This job has also further prepared me to know how to manage my time, be organized, problem solve, develop curriculum, and think “on my feet.” I am very grateful that I was asked to fulfill this school counseling position, and am truly blessed.

Yoga & Tie-Dye

In the counselor education program, we are all fortunate that we have such a strong program filled with opportunities to be involved and active. One way to be involved is attending events for our very own Chi Eta Sigma Honor Society! We have one event coming up on May 28th at 2:30 pm. Everyone can come to Dolnick and bring something fun to tie dye, followed by a yoga class led by Brooke Wright outdoors! It will be a great time, and an opportunity to bring friends and loved ones together for some summer fun!

Chi Eta Officers & Committee Chairs


Nicole Howard

Vice President

Gianna Casaburo


Ashley McMahon


Alex Harvey

Professional Development

Logan Ellowsky & Alyssa Hale


Susan Geels & Brittany Neireiter


Alicyn Ervin & Allison Joy


Cassie Halbert & Brooke Wright

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kerrie Fineran