CBMS Cross-Country



All grades would be co-ed.

6th grade: would have a running club, but no away meets would be available for this age. This would be to help numbers for the following year. I would let them run in our home meet towards the end of the season.

7th grade: would participate with the 8th grade in practices and meets.

8th grade: would pariticpate with the 7th grade in practices and meets.


Over the past few years there has been minimal participantion at the high school level cross-country team, junior varsity and varsity. For example, this past year there were 5 boys (off and on due to sickness), and ZERO girls involved. I think by having the student athlete involved at the middle school level, this will in turn help transfer their participation to the high school level. When taking a survey of middle school students most of them had no idea what cross-country was, or what it involved. By giving them this opportunity to run for their school at an earlier age, it will help them realize what success they could have at the high school level. In addition, this gives middle school students an extra opportunity to learn valuable lessons through an extracurricular activity.

Practice Plans

All middle school athletes will meet after school by the gymnasium of CBMS. These athletes will then do the proper stretching techniques before their assigned run for mileage. There will be speed training days, in which, as a team we will jog (warm-up) on our way to the high school track. For practice there will be no transportation needed.

On days that the 7th and 8th grade have meets there will be no 6th grade running club.

Schedule of Meets

There is potential for at least 7 meets. The possibilities are Bowling Green, Fulton, 2 different Jefferson City Schools, Mexico, Moberly, and our home meet which will/could coinside with the high school's home meet.

The season would typically last 2 months, with the option of off season conditioning during the winter and summer months. September 15th - October 13th, 8 week season.


1 Coaching salary: $2,500

Uniforms: will use MS track uniforms and when up for new uniforms we will split the cost with the track team. Which would be from $55-$80 per set.

Entry Fees and Trasportation: $500 annually