The Wegner Word

February 8, 2016

Math Objectives- Miss Wegner's math class

  1. Data and Graphs
  2. Math Fact Mastery Friday
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Reading Objectives


  1. Unit 4 Week 2
  2. Author's point of view
  3. Realistic fiction
  4. Prefixes
  5. Reading test Friday
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Writing Objective

This week we will wrap up our persuasive writing. After the kids finish up with their persuasive letters to Mrs. Noe, we will begin practicing writing for I-STEP, as it is coming up in just a few weeks!


Valentine's Day:

We will NOT be having a Valentine's Day party, but we WILL be passing out valentines. This Friday February 12, we will be passing out our valentines. I will bring a treat in for the kids to eat while passing everything out. If you are going to sendin valentines, I kindly ask that you bring in a valentine for each kid in the class. This way, no kids are feeling left out if they don't get many valentines. I will include the class list in the email. Additionally, please send your kiddo in with something they can collect their valentines in. It can be a decorated box, a bag, or whatever else you would like to send in.

We are conducting the "Recycle Heart and Sole" drive this week. We will be collecting shoes for families that are not fortunate enough to afford shoes on their own. The winning class will get a prize!!

Please do not send in:

  • slippers
  • roller blades
  • ice skates
  • shoes with more than a 2 inch heel
  • winter boots
  • torn or ripped shoes
  • shoes that do not have a pair

If possible, please tie the shoes together with the laces. It makes it easier for everyone to count! Thank you so much for your help. Lets win!!!!!!!!!