Jersey Bish's Dream Vacation

Caribbean Facts

The Caribbean sea is about about 1,063,000 sq. miles big. My dream vacation is Caribbean Sea. My destination is located in the sea. I only wanted to visit it here because i like to tan at beaches and also because I love beaches. The Caribbean is clear enough to see your feet that means that it is a clear sea.The Caribbean is the deepest seas ever.In the Caribbean there is coral reefs there.

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It will take me 12 hours to get to The Caribbian Sea. It will take us 1,670 miles to get there. I will take my bestie sissy Jocelyn sitting in first class. We will get there by plane. We will stay 3 weeks.


We will stay in Villa Montana Beach resort hotel. We will need to pack swimming suits, shorts, t-shirts. The Caribbean is a very pretty place. We will go to the beach and swim and do a lot of other stuff.


the cost of mt flight is 2,150. The cost for lodging is 1,890 i will be staying in a hotel. The food will cost 1,260 that mean i will be paying 60 dollars a day for food. My plane tickit will be 2,150 dollars.


For activities i will go swimming. We will also go off roading and get really muddy. We will also go shopping and stuff. Then lastly we will go zip lineing Oh and also go and swim with dolphins.