Putrid Pency Preportory

Transform your Son into a Phoney

So why is it so good?

Well when all the last resorts fail there is always PPP. Parents you dont have to worry this place is in the middle of no where. There is no chance of excape. Your son will have the best stay of his life. You know why we know that, beucase none of our students left our facilitys. Even though there isnt any cizilization for 50 miles. One way in and one way out it is by our students van, that comes once a week. The breath taking views of our vast bare lands make it an incredable learning experiance.
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Best Teacher of The award goes to Mr. Vinson!!

Mr. Vinson do you have anything to say about winning this award? " You better believe it. I cant believe I one this award, I mean our average grade in our class is a 66% and I got nominated. I am stunned and impressed. Oral expressions it is more like Oral thoughts with no filter. My students are nasty to one another and I just sit in the back of class eating Bomb Bombs literally. "
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