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I attended Presbyterian Ladies’ College from the year 1999 – 2011. After completing year 12, I was offered an early acceptance into my course of choice – Early Childhood Education and Care (0-8 years). I deferred my university commencement and travelled to the United Kingdom for a gap year volunteering in three schools around the UK.

Having finished this year abroad, I returned home to commence the Early Childhood Bachelor of Education at Notre Dame, in Fremantle. I am in my first year of study. My career goal is to make the classroom a fun and inviting environment for children to learn, and to become fully involved in a schools community. I’d also love to work with children with special needs, to help them overcome their boundaries and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

At school in my final years I studied Applied Information Technology (Computing), Drama, and Food, Science and Technology, all of which are subjects I’m passionate about and I believe would be beneficial in an early years classroom. I also love to be creative, and have a love for children.