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"Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.❞ ‒Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Bienvenue! Bienvenido!

Is your student enrolled in French or Spanish? Well yay for him or her! Studying a foreign language will have great benefits for your student's future: from increased scores on standardized tests, improved verbal acuity, social and cross-cultural skills and greater employability. Most students at the high school level interested in pursuing a college education at a four-year college and university need at least two consecutive years of a foreign language, three years if they want to be extremely competitive. Perhaps your student has other post-secondary plans? Proficiency in another language can still reap many benefits after their high school, from preparing them for careers in the military to jobs in the government and everything in-between.

Classroom Snapshots

French Club Minute

Is your student in French class and in need of an extracurricular activity? Then have your student join French Club! This club is open exclusively to French students at SHS and will give them a safe and fun way to socialize with their peers while learning about French culture and language. French Club activities include:

  • Monthly International Film Festival
  • Club Parties (Welcome Party, Holiday Party, and End-of-School Year Party)
  • French-immersion opportunities with Alliance Francaise in downtown Atlanta
  • French Honor Society (for active members with three or more years in French)
  • Fundraising activities
  • and more!
Dues are only $5 for the school year! Our first meeting will be on Wed Aug 21 at 3:35 PM. All French students are welcome.

Need more information on the benefits of extracurricular activities for high school students? Then visit this link to know more:

Stay Informed!

The best tool that both parents and teachers have to ensure student success is communication. If you have not yet already completed the Parent/Student Contact Form, then please click on the following link to do so (it's a Google Doc, so there's no paper to submit).

Additionally, do you need to stay on top of your student's hmwk? The visit my page for assignment calendars for each subject. You can also sign-up for e-alerts to keep abreast of upcoming assignments, tests and quizzes and their due dates.

The Long View: Foreign Language & College Planning

If your student is intrigued by the process of learning a foreign language, then know that there are many excellent colleges and universities across the nation that offer post-secondary foreign language opportunities. Middlebury College in Vermont is one such university. It has a stellar reputation as a premier liberal arts college with a strong concentration in foreign language study. Students are very often required to major in one second language of their choice, and study the language in immersion-style settings for the fastest and greatest acquisition of the language. For more information, visit

hablamos espanol! nous parlons francais!

The video is a short snippet of the students practicing greeting in Spanish, followed by link to another video of French students doing the same. Enjoy!

2013-08-14 10.16.53.mp4