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Monday, February 1st, Day 4

Attention Staff

Katie Piedici is absent today.

Both Health offices are in need of gently used sweatpants/wind pants/leggings for boys and girls. Thanks


2/2- 7:45 am- PAC-Room 463

2/4-8am- 9am- Curriculum Collaboration (2nd & 5th/PE)

2/5- 8am-Grade Level Leaders-Room 463

2/11-8am-Grade Level Meetings (Grade Level Leader's Room)


2/11 RMSC, Strasenburgh Planetarium (Holzchuh & Beaudoin)


Angelo, Brandon/ .5 am/ Kristin Galens

Buck, Debbie Bonnie Passero

Carro, Lisa/ .5 am/ Quinn Simmons

Clark, Natalie Covered

Conrad, Emily/ No sub

Crawford, Regina/ Chris Suffredini

Curran, Sharon/ No sub

Dramer, Deanna/ No sub

Gleason, Ann/ .5 pm Danielle Greer

Hawkins, Bruce/ Covered

Jensen. Shannon/ .5pm Kristin Galens

Jungjohann, Diane/ No sub

O'Brien, Shelly .5 am/ No sub

Owens, Kim/ No sub

Rause, Mike/ Tabitha Metz

Rodak, Ann/ No sub

Stetler, Barb/ Beth Smythe

Wilbert, Linda/ No sub

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February Birthdays

2/7-Carol Reitschky

2/8-Rebecca Boseck

2/19-Lisa Cooke

2/24-Katherine Adams

2/25-Dawn DeMott

2/25-Ann VonRhedy

2/25-Julie Marie Smith

2/26-Meaghan Smith

Dream Big. Work Hard. Create. Play Fair. Make a Difference.

Enrollment Changes

New Student:

1/25- Juelz Owens-2nd-Miss Zahn

1/25 Messiyah Owens-3rd- Ms. Appleby

1/25- Matthew Papenfuss-5th-Ms. Garratt

1/25-Quinton Vagg-5th-Mrs. Bay

Leaving the District:

Returning to the District: