Team SWIFT Weekly News

For the Week of February 10, 2013

Getting Educated

Whether this is your first day, first month or you have been an OO designer for months now, the best thing you can do for yourself, your business or your team is to be EDUCATED.

Here are some GREAT documents available to you from Origami Owl.

Policies and Procedures:

Career Plan and Career Plan definitions:


Points of Difference:

Movin' on Up!

CONGRATS to each and every team member who promoted this month!

Senior Team Leader

Tammy Miller (1)

Vanessa Ramirez (1)

Lorri Gail Moffatt (2)

Team Leader

Tara Freeland (2)

Erica Jimenez (2)

Sherri Smith (2)

Amy Fisher (2)

Tiffany Harper (3)

Mary Whittle (3)

Melissa Davis (3)

Joy Barr (3)

Whitney Tilson (3)

Josephine Tofani (3)

Kristy Youngblood (4)

Nikki Pirvu (5)

Kim Reeves (5)

Leading Designer

Courtney Gagnon (1)

Danielle Griffiths (2)

Annjanette DeBellis (2)

Theresa Ogden (2)

Miranda Bennett (3)

Cheryl Fain (3)

Sally Scotten (3)

Michele Snell (3)

Laurie Zakrewski (4)

Tina Graham (4)

Misty Sweet (4)

Lara Fort (4)

Carrie Chapman (4)

Karen McCord (4)

Karen Ulmer (4)

Cheryl Price (4)

LoriBeth Akin (5)

Kim Crowder (6)

Jennifer Monshaugen (6)

(number represents what line the team member is on my team)

Michigan Team Meeting!

This month's team meeting will be help in Ann Arbor. Please come join us.

We will be going over a ton of info.

This event will be packed with details, ideas and training! You do not want to miss it.

On the Agenda:

  • Recap of SOAR
  • Welcome & Introductions

  • Team Recognition

  • Party Tool - 6 Tips for Unlocking Your Party Diva

  • Host Coaching - Host Coaching Checklist

  • Recruiting - Finding Your Ideal Team Member

  • Team/Company Announcements & Current or Upcoming Incentives - Mock Table Setup.

  • Call to Action – “Creating Your Own Opportunity Commercial”

    Please view and register for the event by clicking the link here!


Designer Tip of the Week

Did you know that we are not allowed to use any Trademarked Phrase on our website urls, Social Networking Pages, Blogs, etc.?

These phrases include:

Origami Owl ®

You tell stories with words…we tell stories with jewelry ®

Living Lockets ™

Tagged ™

Owl always love you ™

Every locket tells a story ™

O2 (mark) ™

The OWL mascot ™

Jewelry Bar ™

We also can not have these types of things put on promotional/marketing items without pre-approval.

I also want to put out a warning to all of the flyers, photos, etc. floating out there. Just because it's online, does not mean it has been approved for use. Just because the photo you found does not have a watermark, does not mean someone removed it. Please try to stick with the items that Origami Owl has supplied to us. When in doubt, send it in for approval.

Please send items to for approval.

The Positive Pledge

Every day we have a choice. We can choose to be positive or to be negative. We can choose to be grateful and see the good in all that have or we can let anger, fear, doubt, and insecurities rob us of our joy and the life we're meant to live.

It doesn't mean that the choice is easy. Life happens and while we cannot always control the events in our lives, we can control how we respond to them. -

The Positive Pledge

I pledge to be a positive person and a positive influence on my family, friends, co-workers and community.

I promise to be positively contagious and share more smiles, laughter, encouragement and joy with those around me.

I vow to stay positive in the face of negativity.

When I am surrounded by pessimism I will choose optimism.

When I feel fear I will choose faith.

When I want to hate I will choose love.

When I want to be bitter I will choose to get better.

When I experience a challenge I will look for opportunity to learn and grow.

When faced with adversity I will find strength.

When I experience a set-back I will be resilient.

When I meet failure I will fail forward towards future success.

With vision, hope, and faith, I will never give up and will always move forward towards my destiny.

I believe my best days are ahead of me, not behind me.

I believe I'm here for a reason and my purpose is greater than my challenges.

I believe that being positive not only makes me better, it makes everyone around me better.

So today and every day I will be positive and strive to make a positive impact on the world.

A Call to Action by Sumer Ihle

Can I do more? This is something that runs through my head more often than not. How about you?

Do more for our communities, more for our churches, more for our charities of choice. In other words, just MORE to be a force for good. The answer is always YES!!

One of my favorite things to do is to participate in 5k races. I use the term "race" very loosely and I am usually just happy when I finish one without passing out. Anyway, it occurred to me that 5k's and other races are are great way to do something positive for a charity while having a great time. It also occurred to me that my favorite part of these events, is the group atmosphere & everyone coming together for that short period of time to be a force for good. It then hit me how great it would be if I could gather as many of my Origami Owl designers as possible and seek out volunteer work and races that we can participate in together and show our Origami Owl generosity and love to everyone else.

We are so blessed to be a part of this wonderful company and I would love to take it to the highest level possible. That to me means to use it to help others as well. Think about it, how fun would it be to wear cute OO shirts and hang out with all of your favorite ladies while helping a wonderful cause?

I will be actively compiling lists of races and other volunteer opportunities in my area and distributing these to anyone who is interested and also plan to start a calendar to keep track of who will be participating at what event. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have groups of Origami Owl ladies all over the country volunteering every weekend and even every day? Will you join me and begin your list for your area?

Consider this a call to action!!!