Marion Jones

By: Sierra Jones

The History Of Marion Jones

Marion Lois Jones also know as Marion Jones-Thompson who was the former world champion of track and field athlete , and former professional basketball for Tulsa shock in the WNBA

Durgs Marion Jones took

Marion Jones too took steroids she used

Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) is a designer steroid that has a similar chemical structures as other steroids banned in sports. Another steroid is Anabolic steroids this steroid builds muscle ,strength and speed for sports this steroid has a lot of risk like

.Liver damge

.Heart disease



Roid range - intense out burst of anger and mode swings

.And other side effects

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Marion Jones got 5 medals at 2000 summer Olympics in Sydney Australia. But forfeited all medals and prizes dating back to September 2000 after her October 2007 confession that she took performance-enhancing durgs
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